Chapter 31

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Arriving at a large town, I reviewed the goods to convert in an inn.
Stopping my counting hands, Aura was looking at me with amazed eyes.

“Yuuya-san…… where did you get so many expensive things like that?”

I feel like she’s misunderstanding me for a robber or something.

“No…… at the Demon King castle――”

While loitering around the Demon King’s castle, opening one door after another while searching for the throne room, I happened to meet a strong monster who had some kind of key on him, so I knocked him down and obtained all this stuff.

“…… Yeah, thinking about it carefully, I really am a robber, no?”

For the monsters, I did indeed commit a robbery. I have no excuse. It was the twins who followed-up after my cramped smile.

“It’s fine~ Nii~chan. You are using it to raise Ilya and I after all.”
“That is right. It is strange for monsters to hoard treasures in the first place. That guy, he was probably a robber himself. It is only natural for a Hero like Onii~san to snatch the treasure left by the Demon King, our Otou~san.”

I wavered because of Ilya’s explanation. Demon King, were you perhaps not popular among your people (monsters)? Or is it because monsters don’t have such a general idea in the first place?

“Nii~chan, what kind of fellow was guarding these treasures?”
“Eh? …… Errr…… if I am not mistaken, he had four limbs, ruffled bright red hair…… ahh, right he had thorns on his tail. He was also spitting out lightning from his mouth.”
“That’s Fifin.”
“That was Fifin, no?”

The twins nodded in consent.

“One of the incompetent followers of Tou~san!”
“Otou~san’s subordinate. He was a crow-like monster that was weak against shiny things.”

Thinking back, there were indeed shiny things hung around the room here and there.

“…… Have I caught him red-handed?……”
“It was only natural to send him on his way.”
“Right about now, he’s probably getting super scolded by Kaa~chan~”

For now, it seems that I don’t have to regret cutting him down.

“…… You have defeated Fifin-dono by yourself……?”

Pochi was looking at me, but he seemed to be shaking in fear for some reason.

“? That’s right.”
“…… As I thought, you have the ability to challenge Demon King-sama on your own…… mumuu……”

He was groaning about something.

“Pochi, you are noisy. As a pet, you are supposed to be quiet and obedient.”
“Shut up. If you, the pet isn’t obedient, we will get kicked from the inn.”

With the twins’ interjection, Pochi obediently sat down. His pride seems to have been lost.
After the exchange, I looked down at the treasures at hand with a wry smile.
If I want to acquire living expenses, I will have to sell one or two things which will allow us to live for a while.
It should suffice as travel expenses until we reach the capital too.

“Then, I will go convert it.”
“I’m going too~”
“I also want to go.”

The twins immediately raised their hands.

“I want to see the place where treasures are realized!”
“Studying society is good.”
“Yuuya-san, babysitting these children is not possible for me.”
“If you are bringing Prince and Princess, I won’t allow you to leave me behind!?”

…… Leaving Pochi whose fur looked like it got shredded by Kamaitachi aside, I looked at the twins and Aura. Leaving them being monsters aside, they are lovely children, so I’d like to leave them behind just to be safe. However, seeing my hesitation, Aura declared seriously.

“Look here, Yuuya-san. I feel that my life would be in danger were you to leave me alone with these children, you know?”
“That is why, please do not leave us behind, okay?”
“You can’t leave us behind~ I would be troubled if you leave us alone with this Neechan~”
“I do not want to be with Oneesan.”

Aura and the twins don’t seem to be getting along no matter what.
I looked at Pochi. Iric must have held back because we are at the inn since only his fur got shredded. There are bald spots in his normally rich fur, so he doesn’t look at his greatest.
If the same thing were to happen while I am not around……

If by any chance, she was made bald――I feel that the siscon Sage would appear from who knows where, shouting “Take responsibility—!!”.

“…… I got it. Shall we go together then? However, you mustn’t separate from me. We are going to a bit dangerous place after all.”

I could only wryly smile at the cheering twins and Aura who breathed out of relief.

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