Chapter 30

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The Demon King couple’s otherworldly love aside, it’s about the children now.
I’m getting uneasy about the living expenses. I have to convert them into money soon. With not only the twins, but Pochi, Aura and sometimes Sivilla, my purse is getting pressured.
Mainly because of the food expenses.
Aura who is coming along is still learning to become a Sage.
Even if her developing skills are incredible, she wouldn’t be able to develop anything without funds, and there’s hardly anyone who would invest into a little chick.
Even though she was able to develop the infinite pouch thanks to my investment, she had a shortage of money after I left on the journey, so there weren’t many things she could develop after I left.
Her siscon brother too, was giving her minimal assistance (living expenses), but when she couldn’t open the path to research by herself, she was given the options of either returning home or living with her older brother as his helper, but she quickly replied that she will study on her own.
That being the case, the current Aura is living in poverty. I can only look after her.
As I thought, I have to convert the treasures.

“Oneechan, you are a parasite.”
“I know! Those are called gigolos!”
“Iric, that is wrong. Gigolos are those who live relying on women, they are men. Oneesan is a woman, so she’s a parasite.”
“Parasite…… an insect!”
“That is correct. She is a good-for-nothing insect who is relying on Onii~san’s income.”



Hearing the children’s words, Aura in the back was burdened with darkness.
My face cramped.
…… I have to get money as soon as possible so Aura could come up with something extremely useful to restore her honor.
Because she’s a genius at developing things once funds are available to her.

“Yuuya-san, I admire that about you.”
“Eh, admire what?”
“The extent of your heart that can asses the children as adorable……”

Let’s convert the money as soon as possible. Concealing my inward panic, I laughed it off with a cramp.

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