Chapter 10

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…… After the second attack, we returned to picking firewood again.
A four-legged monster. The fellow we met yesterday, the fellow that got beaten up by the children and blown away by me.

“Hand over Prince and Princess!”
“You again? You are fast to recover.”
“My ability to recover is high. Leaving that aside, hand over Prince and Princess to me!”
“No, why are you telling me that each and every time?”

This monster declares to hand him over the twins every time. This fellow wants to use the twins, but why does he speak with such stupid honesty every time?

“Prince and Princess won’t come with me unless you consent to it though.”
“In the first place, why are they so attached to you, the Hero who was the archenemy of the Demon King!?”

…… Now that you mention it, I wonder why? The twins are Demon King’s children, and I have come to defeat him as the Hero, so they must feel some discomfort around me. They were somewhat wary at first and had accepted me as their guardian now, but strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be strange if they taught of me as the enemy.

“… I wonder why?”

Yuuya tilted his head in puzzlement.

As for me no matter being the Demon King’s children, children are children, so I couldn’t leave them alone. I wasn’t intending to become a heartless human that could abandon children.
However, what about the children?

Is it only because it was the last request of their father? If that was the case, then they really are obedient. If they were only obediently obeying their father’s last request, then they will be aiming to become splendid Demon Kings. That is a problem. As a Hero, I have to stop them. They are cute children, so I want to raise them as obedient, good children.

“…… Yeah. I can’t after all. I can’t leave them to a monster. That being the case, rejected. Leave.”
“Fu, then I will take them by a force!!”

The hair on the monster’s back stood up. Yuuya has already drawn his sword.

“Use force because the talk didn’t turn out the way you wanted? Well, I admire that you haven’t tried taking the children against their will.”
“Fu. Prince and Princess are scary after all.”

The monster said something pitiable with confidence.

“They are the Demon King’s children you know, their power is not ordinary! I don’t want to be reduced to ashes!”
“Ah~ is that so? And, you are not scared of Hero like me, huh.”
“Ha ha ha, you who fought with Demon King-sama one on one? Of course, I am terrified! I got blown away with one blow yesterday!!”

You are scared!? I unconsciously muttered in my heart. Looking carefully, the monster was trembling faintly. Is the hair on his back standing perhaps because of fear?
I started feeling like teasing the weak.

“…… Ah~…… but~ fine. Go.”
“Nu? Why?”
“If you say that while trembling…… I would only want to bully you.”

This fellow, that he wants to obtain the Demon King’s children because he’s weak himself?
Does he want to act big as the twins’ guardian?

“…… How pathetic……”
“Nuguu!? W, what did you say!?”
“Even if you hide behind the children, you will only look pathetic.”

A critical hit! The monster received a critical hit! The effect was outstanding!
I pressed for the answer from the monster who groaned from taking damage.

“Anyhow, those children were entrusted to me. It was the Demon King’s last request and I will raise them carefully. However, as honest men…… no, honest monsters……? Err, I will raise them to be good children.”
“Ku, raising the Demon King’s successors into good children!? What are you thinking!?”
“No, I’m telling you both are already good children. I will just continue raising them like that.”
“I won’t allow such tomfoolery!! Hand over Prince and Princess-”
“Ah-!! It came again, that monster!!”
“Get away from Onii~san!!”

The children beat up the monster with one hit after another!

“…… You know, you should have enough for today, leave.”
“………… Uuuu.”

“You guys too, don’t immediately try to remove him.”
“Eh~ But Nii~chan was attacked, right? You will get eaten, ya know?”
“I won’t. A monster of this level is no threat to me. I was going to fight against your father Demon King, you know?”
“Still, I am worried. Onii~san is kindhearted after all.”
“Yeah. Thank you for worrying. But, let’s stop attacking without a warning from now on, okay?”
“Ugh~ okay.”
“I understand……”
“Alright. Good children. Now, you should have enough, right? Leave at once.”
“…… Nugu…… you are quite a miscreant…… you have injured-”
“You will recover right away, right? Weren’t you boasting about your ability to recover yourself? Or do you want to go flying like yesterday?”
“…… Remember this……”

Seeing the monster crawl away with a lukewarm gaze, Yuuya thought.
Is that fellow perhaps going to come again?

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