Chapter 11

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The Brave Hero Yuuya let out a deep, deep sigh.

“You again, huh……”

This is my third encounter with the four-legged beast-type monster. As for me, I don’t wish for us to meet.

“Hand over Prince and Princess!”

This was his only demand. He wants me to hand over the Demon King’s children. As I don’t intend on involving the children in the contest for succession, I don’t plan on handing over the children. Not in the least.

“You don’t learn.”
“Shut up! Hand over Prince and Prin-”
“That fellow came again!”
“I hate obstinate monsters!”

The children seem to have learned. This time, they didn’t separate from me while gathering the firewood. And, they have remembered precisely what I had told them the last time.
To not attack without a warning.

“I have warned you! Get blasted away!”
“I have warned you! That being the case, it is time for a beating!”
“…… Yeah. I’m glad that you have remembered what I told you. But you see? It’s no different from before if you attack immediately after giving a warning, you know?”

The beast monster was twitching behind Yuuya who was gently admonishing the twins.
The beast monster soared through the air with Iric’s roundhouse kick and got sandwiched between the ground by Ilya when he was falling down.

I don’t think he’s dead, but to still live after suffering an attack of such extent, I might as well admire his stubbornness.

“Mu~ this is so difficult, Nii~chan.”
“No, I’m telling you it’s not. Anyhow, he’s an opponent to whom words transmit to, so let’s have a discussion first.”
“But, victory goes to the one who makes the first move.”
“This is not a war. That beast monster…… it’s difficult to say it like that every time…… anyhow, that fellow only wants to take the guardianship of you, and won’t cause any harm, so there’s no need to use a force against someone like that.”
“Even if he doesn’t scare us, he might try to eat you, Nii~chan.”
“Indeed. We would be troubled if Onii~san got eaten.”

The twins had serious looks on their faces.

“…… Err, thank you for worrying about me.”

So itchy. Yuuya laughed with a troubled face.


“Yeah, we are worried! If Nii~chan disappears, we will be left out in the cold!”
“Yes. We have no ability to live by ourselves, so we would be troubled if we had no guardian.”

The Demon King’s children are stubborn. They are so stubborn it doesn’t match their age. As I thought, they are indeed the Demon King’s children. Are they not attached to me, or are they trying to hide their embarrassment? It’s truly difficult to judge.

“…… Ah~ well, it’s bothersome in the end. Anyhow, there’s no use in arguing, so let’s stop.”
“I agree.”

Wryly smiling at the nodding children, Yuuya headed towards the beast monster and poked at it.



“How sturdy……”

I tried striking on its head and left it as it was.
It will surely recover and come again tomorrow.
If the four-legs appears…… I will settle the matter.

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