Chapter 52

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I want to eat meat for dinner, the little Maou-sama uttered such unreasonable words. Meluerina and Volsung’s faces unconsciously twitched because they only had preserved foods with them.
If talking about the meat they have a jerky, but that’s apparently not to his liking. He ate a mouthful and “This is different” returned it immediately. Even though jerky is also proper meat.

“Dirk-sama, we are getting by with limited food while traveling. Saying I want to eat this I want to eat that is unreasonable.”
“But, it was written in a book that meat can be obtained by hunting.”
“That is, true but……”
“It’s already dark, hunting now would be dangerous. Please give up for today.”
“Look, the others are also not eating something so luxurious like meat, are they?”
“That’s right, but……”

He would normally give up already, but he’s awfully obstinate today. Why does he fussing about meat so much today?

“Do you have any reason that you want to eat meat at any cost?”
“A campfire under the stars, grilling meat until they are pachipachi, and then gabuu it. I saw it in book and thought that I would like to try it.”

Indeed, a small dream of a little Maou-sama that was locked up in the castle until now.
He must have thought that today is the ideal day to realize his dream.

“…… Brother-in-law-sama, is there anything you can do?”
“No sweat.”

When Volsung replies, he takes his bow and enters the nearby forest.
And Meluerina who heard his answer started gathering branches for the campfire.

“Dirk-sama, Brother-in-law-sama went hunting for the meat so please wait for a little, okay?”
“Really!? Yay!”

She knows that she shouldn’t be listening to his selfish request and spoiling him, but she wasn’t able to refuse the adorable request of her little Maou-sama.

“Meat, meat~!”

He pyokonpyokon bounced around Meluerina who was making preparations.
Meluerina stabbed the vegetables that she planned to use in the soup on the skewer and prepared them to grill together with the meat.

After that, Volsung returned with a few, properly drained of blood birds.
He shared the abundant meat with the other people. Eventually, a big campfire was surrounded by everyone, and a small feast was held.

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