Chapter 13

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Bunny Pudding
During the free time in the evening, Dirkhert is together with Chocola and Tart in the courtyard.
The sun is already setting, half of the day is stained with darkness. He reads a picture book with the help of light spilling from a window.

“…… And then, the bunnies lived happily after. The end.”

After finished reading the book out loudly so Chocola and Tart could hear, Dirkhert closes the book at tightly hugs it.

“Faa~ Bunnies are so cute.”
Chocola and Tart react to those words as if jealous and start hitting Dirkhert’s head.

“Haha, sorry! Chocola and Tart are way cuter!”

The two stuffed animals exaggerated nod as if saying ‘that’s right.’

“But, I want a Bunny-san too……”

The two who heard his mutter looked at each other and nodded.
While Dirkhert eats his dinner, Chocola and Tart walk around the castle, searching for Meluerina.
The picture book Dirkhert was reading a while ago is in Tart’s hands.
All the servants and guards the two pass in the castle turn towards them with smiles. Everyone in the castle knows that those two stuffed toys are the King’s favorite.
Before long, they arrive in front of Meluerina’s room. Chocola jumps up and grabs the handle of the door. And then, after the door opens, the two walk in.
However, the person they looked for is not there. The two look at each other and decide to check other places, they then turn towards the door.
But, at the same time, the door opens and the person they were looking for appears.

“――――Oh my? It’s Chocola and Tart. What’s the matter?”

When Meluerina who the two were looking for appears, they totetete trot over to her. Then, Tart opens the picture book and points at the bunny.

“Bunny…… is something the matter?”

Chocola points at itself and Tart, then points at the bunny again.

“You want me to make a stuffed bunny toy?”

To those words, the two nod their heads many times in affirmation.
Meluerina who sees that unintentionally starts laughing. If these two worked so hard to get all the way here, Dirkhert must have read the picture book and said ‘I want a Bunny-san’. She could easily imagine it.

“I understand. I will make you guys a new friend so wait until tomorrow, okay?”

After being told so, the two returned to Dirkhert. Meluerina, haa…… sighs.

“Today is an all-nighter, huh……”

But, she can’t help it, but do her best for the Maou-sama’s sake. Meluerina fires herself up and took out her sewing set.
The next day. A new friend safely arrived at Dirkhert’s side.
He named the stuffed bunny Pudding, and he loves it deeply just as he loves Chocola and Tart.

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