Chapter 287.1

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Great Battle of Monsters
We have arrived at the summit of Volcano Reyde. At the top stood the temple of the Fire Spirit King. We could only enter through the entrance, as the barrier prevented us from forcefully entering through other means.

As an active volcano, Reyde was very hot.

The temple was in a terrible state. Huge claw marks were carved all over the temple, and it was a wonder it hadn’t collapsed. I wonder if those gouges are tail marks. I could see a few fire spirits here and there, but they were all frightened. If you looked closely, you could see that they were afraid of Kou, not us.

“It’s a dragon.”

“The temple is super messed up.”

“Go away.”

I was so annoyed that I clapped my hands as hard as I could. The spirits were so frightened that they ran away at once.





After chasing and scaring the spirits away, I was satisfied. The spirits were crying in fear. I surely looked like a crazy person to people without the spirit eyes… thinking so, I turned around to find Kou crying.

“Oneechan, thank you.”

I was so irritated that I just stormed out. But thanks to Kou’s explanation of the situation, I was able to avoid being treated like a freak. What a compassionate fella.

“Your sister won’t let anyone who bullies you off. Anyone who makes my child cry will be made to cry by me!”

Right, even if…






They are Kou’s parents.

“Dirk, Geraldin-san, Curtis!!”

“Leave it to me!”


“Sure thing~”

Dirk, Geraldin-san and Curtis challenge the giant dragon that appeared. The three of them will probably be able to survive.

I searched for magic power. And I found a reaction.

“Alphage-sama, Jend, Ordo, Rabisha-chan, follow me! Kou! We are going! Kuurin, support everyone!”


“Yeah~ Kuurin will do her best!”



I carried Alphage-sama, strengthened his muscles with magic power, and all dashed off. Of course, I ignored all of Alphage-sama’s complaints. Rabisha-chan was grinning at me, but let’s stop it, okay?
We ran incessantly through the temple. At the back of the temple, I saw a big, beautiful man.



Are all Spirit Kings big? That question aside, the Fire Spirit King seemed to be in pain. I put down Alphage-sama, but remained alert.

“Guh……… my son?”

“That’s right! I came to see you and Okaasan!”

“……… I see. Maybe this is a God’s way of helping me. Please… kill me.”

“Otousan!? N, no way! Don’t wanna!! I have come so far to meet you!!”

Kou was crying. I couldn’t stand to watch, so I gave the big beautiful man an ax kick.





The Fire Spirit King, Kou, and Alphage-sama were puzzled, while Jend was dumbfounded, Ordo was laughing, and Rabisha-chan’s body was trembling.


“I will not tolerate anyone who makes my child cry! You want us to kill you? If you want to die, die on your own! Kou is here to see you! We are not here to traumatize him!”


“Pull yourself together! Don’t die like a dog! I’ll save your wife and you! If you call yourself a king, don’t let that thing defeat you!”

“Otousan! Do your best!! I, I have lots to talk to you about! I also want to save Okaasan! I wanted to meet you all this time! Please don’t die, Otousan!!”


It seems that he reacted to Kou’s words and started to resist. He was somewhat managing to holding the Evil back.

“It’s just a foreign object. Your lovely son came to see you. You have lots of things to talk about, right? Besides, I have the means to do something about it. Resist it, refuse it, reject it!! If you are a Spirit King who is skilled in manipulating magic, you should be able to control it!!”

“A, ah, ahhhhhh!!”

Alright! The soul and the Evil have been sucessfully separated!


“Leave it to me!!”

Chita unleashed holy attribute magic, and the Fire Spirit King was exhausted but seems to be okay otherwise.

“Oneechan, how is Otousan?”

“All good!”

When I gave Kou a peace sign, he embraced the Fire Spirit King. Even the self-interested fire spirits were happy to see their King’s revival.

“Otousan, Otousan… I’m glad…”

I’d like to enjoy the touching reunion of father and son for a while, but… there’s still a big one left.

“Kou, let’s go help your mom too. Your voice might be able to reach her.”


As soon as Kou nodded, a tremendously loud noise reverberated.

“Oneechan, sorry! I couldn’t hold her back.”

The mermaid version of Kuurin was in tears. Rather than that, the dragon… Kou’s mom… wasn’t her form changing like the last boss of a certain role-playing game!? It was getting bigger, and bigger! She’s obviously getting more gigantic!

“What about Dirk and the rest!?”

“They are still fighting!”

I couldn’t tell because people were like peas… the dragon was just too big.

“Why did she get even bigger!?”

“I don’t know, maybe because Curtis Oniisan said that she wasn’t anything special, or because Geraldin Ojisan said he was bored. I think she got mad.”

You provoked her too much, didn’t you? The dragon was even more violent than before… maybe because she lost her temper, or maybe because the presence of the Evil was too heavy.

“H, hey you two idiots! Stop provoking her!!”

No, I’m sure they were trying to keep her from coming towards us.

“N, not good…”

The Fire Spirit King was wincing.

“What is?”

“The volcano is reacting to my wife’s magic!”

“… Volcano is reacting…… eruption!? You must work with my Kuurin to calm down the volcano, Fire Spirit King!”

“… What are you going to do?”

“I will just do my best. I won’t let Kou shed anymore tears!”


“Don’t overdo it, Miss Rosarin.”

“I will fight too!”

“A dragon, huh…”

“Jend, Ordo, you guys learn by observation. They are some of the most talented people in the world. You have a lot to learn from them, and they are the only reason you are still alive.”


They seemed unhappy, but when I threatened to deport them if they didn’t listen to me, they immediately agreed.


And as I got closer, I thought. The dragon was simply too big to enter the temple. Therefore, she was rampaging around the plaza-like area in front of the temple, but…

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