Chapter 287.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Great Battle of Monsters



That’s awesome! Isn’t she like three times the size of Kou? How did you guys survive against an opponent with such a huge body? It’s completely incomprehensible! I’m sorry for calling you two idiots! I will let you eat all the meat and potato stew and steak you want later!



“Too noisy! Stop yelling my name all the time!”


In response, I brought out a Valkyrie the same size as the dragon. Please don’t shout my name because it will lower my tension. And Valkyrie apologizing to me was surreal, too.

“It’s dangerous, so you guys stand back!”

I might accidentally step on them. Even for our allies, this huge body is dangerous.

“It’s Rosariiin!”

“Rosariiin, how cool!”


Kou, Jend, and Ordo were overjoyed. Boys really like this stuff, huh… calmed down, I faced the mama dragon.


Her eyes are terrifying! But I can’t say I’m scared. The situation will only worsen as time goes by.


Thus, the battle between the great Kaijuu… or not… the giant dragon and the giant Valkyrie began.



Super scary.



I know this is not the time to be scared. But I’m super scared. It’s impossible to control the Valkyrie with my eyes closed, so tied myself around with a “seatbelt” to stay in place. A Valkyrie of this size will run out of gas quickly if the magic supply gets cut off, so I have to stay attached to the Valkyrie all the time. I know, I know.

But the up and down motion was so terrible just running, and the dragon’s eyes are so piercing, I’m afraid I’ll be crushed at any moment!


In other words, I’m super scared! The dragon must have noticed these thoughts, because the Valkyrie was knocked down by the dragon. And was that a fire breath!?

Oh no!! I tried to erect a barrier as quickly as I could, but a barrier was already in front of me. Nice! Alphage-sama! As I tried to get up, I noticed that there was a dragon between the giant dragon and the barrier.

“Okaasan, stop it!!”


“Don’t bully my Oneechan! Oneechan has helped me a lot, you know! Otousan is in good health, too! Even if you are my Okaasan… I won’t forgive… anyone who bullies my Oneechan!!”

Ehhhhh!? Kou has… Kou has turned gigantic!!
He became an adult dragon with shiny red jade-like scales and four horns.

But then an earthquake struck. It seems that the volcano resonated with Kou’s anger.

“Kou! Calm down! The volcano might erupt!”

“Don’t worry.”

The magic power calmed down immediately. Ohh… his control of magic power also improved.

“Grrrr…. ahh… boy… my… ugh……… uaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.”

The humongous dragon spat out a fire breath, but Kou instantly nullified it.

“Oneechan… It appears that it’s not a good idea for me to be too violent. I will prioritize disabling the breath and calming the volcano. Call me if you need me.”


Thanks to Kou, the Evil and the soul of the mama dragon were separated for a little while. And I’m not going to let this opportunity go to waste! I jumped into the Valkyrie’s mouth.

I won’t accept your interjection that I should have done this from the beginning. I have just realized it myself.


“Rosarin!? Rosarin!! Are you alright!?”

Oh no. Dirk was super worried. I used the magic power inside the Valkyrie to customize it. Neural connection. It’s like I’m the Valkyrie now. I can move freely.

“I’m fine~”

I gave a peace sign to Dirk, who looked like he was about to jump out of his skin. Now, a dragon without a breath is just a big lizard.

The situation was quickly reversed. Now I was beating up the dragon. But here’s the problem. The Spirit King was a being close to the soul, and was good at controlling magic power. But since dragons are physically superior, they often can’t control magic as well.
Just now, Kou’s call separated the mama dragon from the Evil, though only slightly. How about going in reverse?

“Evil are like alter egos… Kabaddi…”

I muttered, and the Evil freaked out. Hmm. Apparently, it’s conscious. If that’s the case, then… maybe I can do something!

“Valkyrie, Dragon mode!!”



“So cool!!”



“As expected of Ojousama…”

The men’s eyes were sparkling. Rabisha-chan was Rabisha-chan.

And so, I was in a Dragon mode, beating mama dragon to a pulp again.

“We have the same conditions… no, this is my first time fighting with a dragon body, so if you cannot win even with this handicap, you really are incompetent.”


“How about you switch with mama dragon? You are not good enough, I will just beat you into a pulp.”
“I simply don’t have muscles for brain like you!!”

Mama dragon… or was it the Evil dragon? Threw out a punch, but dragons have a short reach to begin with, so it was easy to avoid.
So how does a dragon fight? The answer is: breath, aerial combat, biting, and tail. The Evil dragon’s breath was blocked, and it was at a disadvantage in aerial combat because of the barrier around the place. It doesn’t use its tail… or rather, it doesn’t seem to have any idea how to use it, and it also doesn’t bite.

Therefore, there was no way to lose, and the Evil dragon was now basically a sandbag. However, it seemed to be blocking the pain, so it didn’t seem to cause much damage. Then, I have no choice but to humiliate it further. I don’t have that many variations of abuses, though.



To all the mothers of the world…! Share your mommy love with me! It’s time to unleash my legendary special move!!



I gave the Evil dragon a tail-slap instead of a foot-slap, causing it to fall over, then quickly returned to normal Valkyrie and sat upright, holding the Evil dragon in a kneeling position. The tail was in the way, so I lifted it up.

“Su… surely not…”

“Fuhahaha, cry out for your Mother’s forgiveness!”

By the way, Valkyrie was currently wearing a white, frilly apron made from my engagement ring.


The secret technique of spanking the buttocks. This was a cruel and humiliating punishment for a child who was acting naughty. It was a cruel and humiliating punishment.

“Sto… stop it! Forgive me!”

“I won’t!! You shall enjoy the humiliation of being beaten with your buttocks exposed!!”


Dragons are completely exposed, after all. I lifted her tail up, so you could even see the as*****.

“Bu… bu…!? A, ahhhhh!! Noooooo!! Nooooooooo!!”

The Evil that grasped the situation accurately finally separated from Mama dragon.


“Got it!”

The magic power of me and Chita mixed together and was further amplified by the Valkyrie.

“The Holy Mother’s Strongest Legend, Legendary Mama!!”

The name of the technique was appropriate. And the Evil disappeared without a trace.

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