Chapter 288

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Dragon and settlement.
Mama Dragon came to her senses and I came out of the Valkyrie and switched the Valkyrie into a palm-sized energy-saving mode.

“That was a terrible experience~ Oh, thank you, Ojouchan.”

Mama Dragon was totally in her original size. She and Kou were almost the same size, but Mama Dragon had two horns. Kou’s body was more magnificent and looked stronger, though.

I silently walked up to Mama Dragon’s feet.

“… I honestly apologize to youuuuu!!”

And then, as if flowing, I did the good old Japanese tradition of getting down on my knees.




“Miss Rosarin?”


Everyone looked at me with confusion.

“After beating you up, the innocent mother of Kou, and humiliating you like that… I’m so, so sorry!! I couldn’t think of any other waaaay!!”

“Fuha, don’t worry about it~ I wasn’t hurt too badly, and I was also in a state in which I could have killed you.”

Even after all that beating, Mama Dragon wasn’t hurt much. Dragons are amazing.
And, as a species, they have no shame in being naked, and they seem to have a philosophy of the survival of the fittest, so Mama Dragon didn’t seem to really care about my outburst. I wonder about them? Although they may not look human, the Evil seem to be more human in their thinking.

“In the end, what were you thinking while going on such a rampage, Miss Rosarin?”

“To be honest, Kou’s mother’s condition was much more advanced than the Spirit King’s, and not only her body but also her soul was affected by the Evil, so I had to deal with the Evil itself. If we forced it out of her, there was a risk that it would destroy her soul and make her a cripple, so I had to give it mental damage to make it separate from her. The Evil seem to be mentally weak.”

“… How did you figure that out? Miss Rosarin’s head works in a crazy manner.”


“Nono, it was as expected of you, Ojousama! That humiliating combo after you went to the trouble of putting the Valkyrie in dragon mode and pointing out your opponent’s incompetence! It’s the kind of humiliation a girl wouldn’t be able to marry after!”


“…I think that would be pretty difficult to handle even for a guy, you know?”

Dirk’s face scrunched up. Everyone nodded.

“Anyway, as I said before, I couldn’t think of any other way. But no one died and no one was seriously injured. I’m not saying it was the best thing I could have done… but I think I did the best I could at that moment. By the way, I didn’t go with Kabaddi because I didn’t want its impact to decrease after doing it again and again.”

“… I think you did your best? My husband and I thought we were going to die. I never thought I would be able to hold my baby boy again. Thank you so much, Ojouchan.”

“My name is Rosarin.”

“I am Maria. I will repay this gratitude one day.”

Maria-san laughed calmly. Dragons are surprisingly expressive, aren’t they? While I was calmly watching Kou, who was now a miniature size, playing with Maria-san, I heard a piercing sound. That was the ringtone of a communication device for emergencies.

“This is Rosarin!”

“Ojousama, the battle and the earthquake have caused a flood of monsters around Reyde Volcano! We’re engaging them at the foot of the volcano, but there are too many of them, and they are pouring through the highway into the village! Please provide assistance if you can!”

Well, the monsters must have been scared silly after what we have done. To be honest, I’m tired, but it seems I can’t rest yet.

“I will be on my way to you soon. Please hang in there! All of you, prepare for battle! We will divide into three groups and destroy as many monsters as possible!”


Everyone was fully motivated! Huh? Maria-san too?

“I hadn’t exercised enough!”

Seriously!? How tough…


The Spirit King was staying at home because the volcano was still unstable.

“So, Dirk, Kou, Maria-san and I will go to the places with the most monsters as a raiding party. Geraldin-san, Jend, Ordo, and Jash will clean up the streets of the village, Alphage-sama, Curtis, and Rabisha-chan will deal with the monsters on the highway! Commence the operation!!”


Thus, the great operation to eradicate the small fries began.

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