Chapter 289

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The one I admire (Hero).
When I was little, I loved heroic stories. Especially the ones where the knights save princesses. I longed to be such a knight and worked hard to become one, but the reality was different.

The actual work of a knight is very simple, and even if you work hard, sometimes all you get is complaints. It’s a boring life. Such a life was about to come to an end.




A crowd of monsters. The one fighting at the front was not a knight, but a Beastman that I used to help with general affairs. I didn’t know he was so strong. We swung our swords desperately. We swung, and killed, but there was no end to it.

I’m going to die.

If I run out of strength, I die.

Death became a reality for me as the number of monsters we defeated continued to decrease. Just when I was about to go insane from the fear of death, it appeared. No, he appeared before me.

“Hahahahahaha! The messenger of justice, Wolfanea Mask is here!!”

It was an overwhelming presence. It was a man of great dignity, with a well-trained body and a wolf mask covering his face. I was self-interested, and felt a surge of joy at being saved. No, that was not all.

My heart was burning. This is it. This is what I’ve been longing for.






Wolfanea Mask, who defeated monsters with overwhelming power, could rightly be called a Hero among Heroes. So cool. It was as if a light had shone on my plain, boring life. Looking around, I could see that everyone around me had the same shining eyes of a young boy.

“It is my destiny to live in the shadows… and bring these fools to justice! Wolfanea Shadow!”

Uoohh!? Another hero appeared! A little plain compared to the Wolfanea Mask, but cool nonetheless! I like that signature line, too!




But this was only the prelude. It came from the sky. First, I noticed a dragon. The dragon had attacked them earlier, and we had all almost despaired, but “They are Wolfanea Mask and Shadow’s allies!” someone shouted.


Even that dragon abided it.

It looked like a full body armor… but a completely different shape. It had a silvery-white glow and a weapon I had never seen before.


It was an overwhelming force that blew away the monsters and gave everyone hope and longing.



“Now… it’s time for judgment. The divinely blessed warrior, Knight Valkyrie descends!!”





The excitement was unprecedented. The two dragons that the Knight Valkyrie-sama had with her also killed the monsters one after another. And then there were the weapons. The monsters were almost all eradicated by Knight Valkyrie herself. Moreover, with a wave of her hand… the fatigue and injuries on the victims had healed. It can only be called a miracle.

“Monsters are still here! Everyone, stay here and guard the village.”

“Please! Let us fight together with you, Knight Valkyrie-sama!”

“… -Sa, sama? A, anyhow! The streets, other towns, and villages may be harmed. I will go with the dragons. Take care of the village.”


(Understood! Please leave it to us!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-sama, banzai!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-sama is the best!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-samaaa!!)

And so, the Knight Valkyrie-sama became very popular in the Knights Order. A friend of mine had bought a Valkyrie figure from a children’s toy store in Wolfanea. It looked a lot like Knight Valkyrie-sama… Needless to say, the toy became very popular in the Order.

I also had a Valkyrie figure in my room. I made the cloak and weapons myself in order to look as much as Knight Valkyrie-sama as possible. I was almost robbed by my colleagues, but I defended it desperately.


I hope to see you again some day… Knight Valkyrie-sama.

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