Chapter 290

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The Hero’s true identity.
I had the black-hearted team ride on Kuurin and the beastman team teleport. We looked for places where there were many monsters from the air.

I was thinking that there was some kind of monsters attractant used, because of the numerous monsters in front of the village. If this continues, the village would be in danger.
I activated my communication device to contact Jash and others, and I heard a voice.

(Hahahahahaha! The messenger of justice, Wolfanea Mask is here!!)

“… Geraldin-san seems to be having fun.”

“… Yeah.”

They look exhausted. But Geraldin-san seemed to have raised their morale, as I could hear the lively voices of the knights. I don’t think we need to go, but it’s not good if any monsters reach the village.

(It is my destiny to live in the shadows… and bring these fools to justice! Wolfanea Shadow!)

“Jash seems to be having fun, too.”


(Huh? It’s flickering.)

“Is it Jend?”

(Yeah. Oneecha… Rosarin?)

“Yeah, it’s me. The first monster is coming your way, so I’m going. Tell them the dragon is on our side.”

(Okay~ They are amazing, you know! Both Otousan and Oniichan! They are so cool!)

“That’s good~”

Their personas seemed to be well received by Jend. I was completely caught off guard.



(Are you not going to transform, Rosarin?)



Why would I? I won’t. I’m a Duke’s daughter, you know? I won’t transform.

“I won’t.”

“Immedaitey reply, huh.”

(Eh~? You can definitely do it, right?)

If you ask me whether I can, then I can, but…

“It’s not like I can’t.”

… But, I don’t want to do it.

(Please do it, Oneechan.)

My cute cousin begged me cutely. As a result…



“Now… it’s time for judgment. The divinely blessed warrior, Knight Valkyrie descends!!”




Yes, a new hero shining in silver! The form was a slightly slimmer version of the Valkyrie, with a blue cape. It was the Knight Valkyrie, with the armor of a knight in mind, and it looked pretty cool.


The knights were getting more excited than ever before. Knight Valkyrie was very popular. Maybe it’s because knights have a strong yearning for heroes, just like Dirk. To be honest, the level of enthusiasm was a bit more intense than that of the citizens of Wolfanea. I’m afraid of the super high tension of big men!

Maria-san and Kou instructed the knights to fight at a distance so that they wouldn’t be blown away.

The Knight Valkyrie was equipped with a bazooka, as it was aiming for total annihilation. One by one, it killed the monsters. No, the monsters were frozen one after another. I will make them into meat later. It’s going to be a meat festival tonight. Some of them cannot be eaten, though. By the way, monsters that aren’t edible are the elemental, gem, and golem types. We can eat big versions of bears, boars, and wolves, as well as plant-based ones, though. I don’t think it’s a problem that I’ve come to see monsters as edible or inedible. Yeah, well… it can’t be helped!

After cleaning up the monsters, I cast a healing spell on the entire group of knights and tried to join up with the black-hearted team.

“Monsters are still here! Everyone, stay here and guard the village.”

Is what I said, but…

“Please! Let us fight together with you, Knight Valkyrie-sama!”

No, riding a dragon is tricky, Maria-san is especially thrilling, and many of these people probably can’t do it.

“… -Sa, sama? A, anyhow! The streets, other towns, and villages may be harmed. I will go with the dragons. Take care of the village.”

When Knight Valkyrie asked this, the knights unexpectedly got excited.


(Understood! Please leave it to us!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-sama, banzai!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-sama is the best!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-samaaa!!)

What do I say… it reminded me of the Rosariiin incident in Wolfanea, which made me feel strange.

I got on Kou’s back, and we rode to meet up with the black-hearted team.

“Rosarin, you were so cool!”

“Yeah… very cool.”

The Knight Valkyrie tilted her head in annoyance… and removed her helmet-like head.

“Ermm……… sorry.”







“Oh my.”

Everyone was stunned. The Knight Valkyrie who took off her helmet was actually Dirk-sama, my darling with silky black hair and lovely ears.

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