Chapter 291

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Behind the scenes of the New Hero.
A little back in time, as we were on the way to meet up with Jash and the others, I tried transforming, but…

“Dirk, give me your honest opinion.”

“……… Honest?”

“No obliqueness. Your honest impression.”

“……………… Subtle. Kind of cute.”

Yes, subtle. The little Knight Valkyrie was… not cool, to be honest. It was not tall enough. It’s not tall enough. Having said that, it’s exaggeratedly dangerous. Unbalanced and unsuitable for combat.


“Ah, it doesn’t have to be me, huh. Dirk, I will make you look cool!”

“Me!? Jend wanted it to be you, though!?”

“You like heroic tales, right? You should try it occasionally!”

And so, the Knight Valkyrie was complete. Dirk’s ring mostly forms in black, but since I imagined it, it created a white and silver robot. The armor was detachable. Dirk has a good style and posture, so he looked unquestionably cool.

“Yeah, cool! No complaints here!”

“Wow, Dirk Oniichan, you look so cool!”

Both Kou and I were satisfied with the results.

“Y, you think so?”

“You will get exposed by your voice, so you have to alter it.”

“Got it.”

“Also… you will need a signature phrase for the entrance!”

“That’s necessary!?”

“”It is!””


Maria-san laughed at us, as our voices matched perfectly.

“Ju, judgement—”

“Have more confidence!”

“For judgement…”

“You cannot be embarrassed, Dirk Oniichan!”

“It’s time for judgement.”

“”You sound so natural!””

Dirk, the Knight Valkyrie, received enthusiastic instruction from Kou and me. And now, the real thing.

“Now… it’s time for judgement. The divinely blessed warrior, Knight Valkyrie descends!!”

What can I say, Dirk was in a groove, too. By the way, I was hiding with Stealth, using Silence, and a water-water membrane veil to mask my scent.



Dirk was simply freaked out by the unprecedented excitement of the knights. I was talking to Dirk with the help of the earring magic tool, so no one else could hear us.

“U, umm… is this really okay… w, wouldn’t this be considered deceit?”

“It isn’t. I don’t know a better knight than you, Dirk. There’s no knight as kindhearted and noble as you. You are my hero.”


“Well then, let’s clean up the monsters!”


I made a bazooka out of Dirk’s ring and made it resonate with my magic power, and the result was…

“It’s too powerful~”

I was surprised by its power. Moreover, I don’t know if it’s because of his kinetic sight or sense of smell, but even though we have the same Revelation, Dirk was steadily killing a lot of monsters. If it were me, I’m sure I would have wasted more shots.

In no time at all, the monsters had been eradicated. I’ve got a complaint from Maria-san… Ho, there are still other monsters, don’t worry! I’m sorry!

“Dirk, swing your hand.”


“Like this?”

I used my magic to match Dirk’s hand. The knights were like, “They can use magic, too? Knight Valkyrie-sama is super awesome…” with sparkles in their eyes.


“I feel so guilty…! Even though it’s you that’s amazing and not me!”

“Hahaha. What’s yours is yours. What’s mine is also yours.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!?”

“I quoted a saying from a (in a way, lol) great person called Gian. To be precise, it’s supposed to be: What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is my own. It’s called Gianism.”

NOTE: Reference to Doraemon’s character Takeshi Gouda.

“Isn’t that just selfishness!?”


“It’s correct!?”

“It’s fine. It comes with the promise that you will be chastised by the strongest hag mother!”

“Giaaan!? What the hell is this about!?”

For now, I distracted Dirk. It’s okay. It’s only the bad brats that get chastised. Dirk is still kind.


And so, the Knight Valkyrie was very popular.

(Knight Valkyrie-sama, banzai!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-sama is the best!!)

(Knight Valkyrie-samaaa!!)

Knight Valkyrie was cheered on enthusiastically by the knights. The dragon took off and the identity of Knight Valkyrie was exposed to be Dirk, but he had a distant look in his eyes.

“Rosarin, I’m sorry for everything up until now.”


“Rosarin, you have always hated being revered as the Saintess, or being asked to accept people as your servants, or being given some obscure title.”

“…… Yeah.”

“I understood now that I have been on the receiving end of it. It’s hard. It’s mentally hard! Ordinary people can’t take it!”

(I don’t think you are an ordinary person, though.)

He got an interjection from everyone. Isn’t it amazing that it came even from Geraldin-san?


“… If someone as strong as me (the Hero) is an ordinary person, then everyone else cannot be ordinary.”

“… Ugh.”

“You are also very smart. You have started getting educated by the Marchioness only a while now, and it seems like you are already catching up. If you are ordinary, I must be incompetent.”

(Definitely not.)

No, I’m just an ordinary person with the advantage of a knowledge cheat… I believe myself to be a bright student at most…… please don’t look at me with those judging stares! The cold stares torment me!

“I wanted to see Rosarin as a cool Hero, though.”

Jend said dejectedly.

“Jend, don’t misunderstand. Knight Valkyrie is a two-person Kamen Ri………… Hero.”


“That bazooka… that weapon was a combination of mine and Dirk’s magic, I was a producer of Dirk’s, I mean, I was secretly following him in the shadows. In other words, Knight Valkyrie could not have been born without the cooperation of Dirk and I. The two of us are one Hero!”

“… That sounds somewhat cool! How nice…”

“Right… it’s cool.”

“The Hero(?) was cool, wasn’t it?”

The three pipsqueaks… Jend, Ordo, and Kou (gigantic body) also seemed to love the New Hero.

Now, we must hurry up and defeat the rest of the monsters!

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