Chapter 262

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Lunch, work, and ruins.
For now, we decided to think about what to do with the airborne fortress later, and had an early lunch.
We were guided into the dining room for lunch.

Today it was sandwiches. The bread here is hard, so I made my own bread.

“Oh, Shushu-san, give Kanata-san that thing.”

“Ahh! Kanata! I have made those hamburgers that you wanted so much with Rosarin-chan’s help!”

Shushu-san put the burger set together. The essential cola was also in there.

“Whoah, this is seriously elaborate! Shushunald…”

Looking at the logo, Kanata-san made eye contact with me. When he saw me nodding, he seemed to understand that I had made it. After he took a sip of his cola, I spoke to him.

“Kanata-san, one glass of that cola is worth the price of a vacation home.”


He spewed out a mouthful of cola from his nose and mouth. And then he choked up big time.

“Cough, ahem! Why are you making me drink such an expensive stuff!”

“Ahaha. I didn’t make it as a cola, it’s a magical power stabilizer. It won’t affect normal people if they drink it, though.”

That was how lunchtime passed. After we had filled our stomachs, we investigated the place.

“What is this facility for?”

“It’s for residential purposes. In her later years, my Master became tired of the persistent courtship and trouble she was getting into. So she built this fortress that no one could reach.”

“…… What are the weapons for?”

“She said she made as well make it like Lapita or Picatta or something… so she added them later.

“I wonder why? I am instantly convinced after hearing it was Rin’s relative.”

What do you mean by that, Dirk? But I can’t deny it. I have a feeling I’d do the same thing.

“Miko-chan… was Watase Kotoba happy?”

“Positive. She said she was happy in her later years, surrounded by her loving husband and children.”

“Is that so?”

Afterwards, we looked around the fortress and found that it was truly a facility that had been designed to be very livable. There were fields, greenhouses, and livestock being raised, so that it could be self-sufficient. As an aside, it was discovered that the Object X that Miko-chan had brought earlier was the result of rotting due to the deterioration of the storage facility. Navi-kun had turned it into charcoal in an instant.
There was also a dishwasher, a washing machine, a microwave, a blender, and many other useful appliances (but powered by magic). The furnishings seemed to be the hobby of Koto-chan and her husband. Come to think of it, I felt nostalgic thinking that I liked that kind of slightly cute furniture, too.

“… Maybe we can live here in old age.”

“… I guess so.”

“Rosarin, since it’s hard to go to the sky, can you at least stay on the ground?”

“I, I will accompany you!”

“It does sound amusing!”

Behind our loose conversation, in which the nonsensible people kept talking, the sensible people (Kanata-san and Andre-san) were giving advice.

“You shouldn’t live in a place like this in the first place.”

“Yeah… The idea of living here is a far cry from what a normal living is about.”

I didn’t hear anything. I am the daughter of a sensible noble.




In the end, we decided to leave the Man-destroying ruins for later. I was told that Koto-chan left information and countermeasures against the Evil in different parts of the world in preparation for its resurrection. To leave for me to find it… it seems too much of a coincidence. I wonder if it’s Shiva’s guidance.


The afternoon was paperwork time. Dirk had some work to do in the Marquess Barton’s domain, so we split up for a while.

“Well then, it’s time to get serious!”

“Yeah, let’s clean this up in no time. I want to get back to research as soon as possible.”

“I may be of poor ability, but I will do my best to assist.”

Me, my brother and Jash got serious. By the way, the hero, who was useless with paperwork, went out to subjugate (play) with his magic tool. How lively!



One hour later.



“… It’s over…”

Shushu-san was burned out. You’re not good at desk work, are you?

“… Seriously!? Oh my god!! How!? Rosarin-sama and others are super awesome!!”

Andre-san was acting very strangely.

“I’ve been educated as the future Marquise (Dirk’s wife), so I’m used to working.”

“I’m also a future Duke, so I’m used to helping with similar jobs.”

“I did accounting and other miscellaneous work for the Knights Order.”

“I think that last part was a bit of a stretch…”

Jash gave a black smile, and Andre-san fell silent. You have a wonderful ability to perceive danger. There are some things in this world that you shouldn’t get involved in.



Since we had extra time, we decided to go to the Man-destroying ruins in the end.
It was me, Shushu-san and Dirk. Geraldin-san refused to accompany us. That’s unusual. Jash didn’t come either, probably because he wasn’t used to his new powers. Very unusual. Dirk said he will be probably fine because of his earring. Eh? What? What do you mean? Apparently, women are encouraged to visit this site, but the men, who seemed to know why, refused to explain. What is it? Kanata-san also stopped me from taking him there because it was too dangerous, so I asked him to draw me a map. I would get lost, so Dirk is looking after me.

Then I understood why.



“Nyaooh! Shtop iiiit!!”


These ruins were an erotic dungeon that feminized men in many ways. No one wanted to tell me that! I wouldn’t tell anyone, either! I rescued the poor stranger, a victim male. At any rate, it was still the entrance to the dungeon, so I gave him some appropriate clothes and recovery medicine and abnormal condition recovery medicine, and we parted ways.

“Dirk, I will protect your ass, okay!”

“… Yeah… no, I can defend myself, okay! I don’t want to end up like that, either!”

Shushu-san said that she knew about it only as a rumor, but she was glad she didn’t bring Kanata-san because she was suddenly confronted with the awful reality. If I had known, I wouldn’t have tried to drag him over, too!!

But strangely enough, I shouted, thinking there was no way that the monsters… of these ruins, really ignore women.

“Watase Rin, the Awaited One has arrived! I request that you shut down the defense system! I will not allow you to harm my mate!”

(The system has been deactivated. We have been waiting for you, Master.)


The ivy monsters and tentacle monsters that were attacking Dirk all stopped moving at once and stuck to the wall to clear the way. This bad taste dungeon also seems to be the dark history of Koto Neechan. Seriously, what did you do!?

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