Chapter 261

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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These horizons.
Almost by force, Miko-chan took us to a lovely reception room. The room was fundamentally simple, but had lovely accessories of good taste.

“I’ll bring you some tea and sweets right away~ Please sit down and wait for me~”

Miko-chan hurriedly left. The key to the safe house was flashing. It was a signal from Navi-kun. I put some magical power into the key and let Navi-kun out.

“You have my gratitude, Master. Confirming coordinates… Mikonoeria confirmed.”

“Is it perhaps because you are registered as master that Miko-chan took me for a master as well?”

“Positive. The master registration is valid for other areas as well. However, if the AI’s level is above mine, it will become invalid.”

“I see.”

“Master~ thank you for waiting!”

In this world, there are foods that are dangerous just by looking at them. The food Miko-chan brought was absolutely that.

“Emergency alert! Hazardous material elimination in progress!!”

A beam came out of Navi-kun’s mouth. And then Miko-chan exploded.


That object was obviously dangerous, but I don’t think it was necessary to wipe out Miko-chan!

“Ain’t Navi-kun more dangerous than that was…”

“I cannot deny that! Miko-chan, are you okay!?”

“I’m fine! Huh? Long time no see, Navi!”

“Master, I will retrain this thing. If it can’t finish by the deadline, I will dispose of it.”


“W, well, take it easy. However, this dalmatian pattern really reminds me of my granny’s cat…”

When I was still Rin, my paternal grandmother had a white cat named Miko. She was a cat, but a very chubby one because she was very affectionate and very sucessful at extorting food from many people outside.
Even though she was a cat, she couldn’t go over steps anymore and was indeed forced to go on a diet. Miko-chan is not fat, but she looks vaguely like that cat.

“Checking for special words.”

Isn’t Miko-chan freezing again?

“Master, is Master called Watase Rin?”

“Eh? That is the name of my Beneficiary…”

“Master registration transferred. You are now registered as Awaited One.”


Everyone, me included, was not able to follow the development. What? What is this?? Awaited one??

“Registration complete.”

Navi-kun moved. Miko-chan was still frozen in place.


“Rin-sama, From this point onward, all of the inheritance belongs to you.”


“Kotoba-sama left a message for you.”


What a nostalgic voice. Her beautiful black, long hair and sailor suit…


(I won’t go into details, but I’m leaving this message in case Shiva kept his promise, and you came to this world. I’ve made it so that when you are recognized by the AI, everything I made will be yours. I’ll be happy if I can help you in any way. Rin, be happy.)

“Koto Neechan…”

Watase Kotoba… she was Rin’s aunt from Rin’s father’s side. She went missing in her senior high school days. I got along with her very well, and we often played together. The Watase family had remarried, and my aunt did not get along well with my grandmother, who treated her badly. Ten years younger than her, I played the grandchild-child, sickly card to protect my aunt.

My aunt came to see me just before she went missing.

“Rin, I… I found a place I want to go. There’s someone I want to see… someone I want to be with.”


“… I won’t be able to see you anymore.”

“… I see. It was hard for you to stay here, wasn’t it, Koto Neechan. Please, be happy.”

“Yeah… bye-bye, Rin.”

“See you again, Koto Neechan.”

I think I was crazy at the time. My aunt suddenly wore a Noh mask all day long, and I accepted it. My grandmother was evidently freaked out, so I thought she disliked her. It’s strange in Japan, but I think it’s even more unusual here… Just what happened to Koto Neechan?

“What is Kotoba to you?”

“Kotoba-sama is our Creator. She’s also a Hero known as the Salvation Saintess.”


That reminds me, Navi-kun was the Salvation Saintess’ inheritance, right… eh? Koto Neechan, just what did you do!? You did not simply want to be a hero, right!?
The world is wide as it is narrow. No, wait! A promise? Let’s beat it out of Shiva later.

While I was running my brain at full speed, Miko-chan came back to life. And then an earthquake happened.


“Master, there is no problem. This facility will only become what it truly is. Systems check all green. Confirmed levitation. Stealth activated. Sky Fortress, systems restored.”


“Master, please follow me to the control room.”


My head does not seem to be working correctly.
Miko-chan led me into the control room and explained the facilities.

“This facility is powered by Yggdrasil seeds and can operate semi-permanently. You can create golems in the plant area…”

“It has artillery, too.”

“Positive. You can fire at will.”

“Why is it Laputa!? Why are you troubling me by giving me a weapon like this!! What were you thinking, Koto Nechaaaaan you blockhead!”

“Negative. It’s not a weapon, it’s a mobile fortress.”

“That’s not much different!!”

“… Rosarin-chan, how about a world conquest?”

“It’s troublesome, so I won’t!”

When I instantly replied to Kanata-san, Andre-san’s face cramped.

“Troublesome, you say…”

“That’s so like my Lord.”
“It’s very Ojousama-like, indeed.”

I would like to have a good talk with my subordinates about my character later.

Rosarin Rosenberg, seven years old. I have obtained a Laputa-like fortress.

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