Chapter 260.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What lies in the ruins.

Geraldin-san seemed to be excited. His tail is wagging so much that I was afraid it might tear off at some point.

“How did you know the last question?”

“Well, Rapunzel is supposed to be eaten as a salad (lamb’s lettuce), and I was curious what it was, so I studied about it a little. Are the problems always random?”

“Ou. The last one is always the most difficult one.”

It’s true that the last problem was unusually difficult. It was a good thing I knew it by chance.

We went further down into the basement. The passageway was illuminated and not dark. It wasn’t electricity, though… I could feel the magic, though it was faint. At the end of the stairs, we came to an open space. A spotlight suddenly illuminated a woman.

“… Moe-type android?”

A beautiful robot in a maid outfit with cat ears appeared. It looked like a doll when it’s still. It had the same dalmatian pattern with white background, just as my grandmother’s cat. Just when I was feeling a sense of familiarity, the cat-eared maid robot smiled at us.

“I welcome you, travelers from the Otherworld! My name is Miko. What can I do for you?”

“First of all, what is the purpose of this facility?”

“Yes, this is a facility for travelers from other worlds.”

“What do you do here?”

“Mostly, we provide information.”

“So you do more than provide information?”

“I cannot answer. Only those who have registered as Master can access…………………”

Miko-chan, who had been answering nonchalantly, stopped. What? Did she break? I’m innocent.


She hadn’t moved for five minutes.


“… Rosarin-chan, have you broken it?”

“Nonono! I’m innocent! I only talked to her!”

“… How could a person break? Although, this person… doesn’t seem like undead, it gives off scent of both living and dead, which is honestly scaring me.”

The angel in my arms, Dirk, was scared. Don’t be scared! For your sake, I’ll defeat gods and demons alike! I gave Dirk a good squeeze. I glanced at Geraldin-san and the others, who’s hair was also raising in alarm. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it?

“It looks almost human, but I guess more closely related to the category of Navi-kun (Chapter 213.1) and Golems.”

“… I see.”

The angel Dirk seemed to be convinced.

“… I have confirmed Master registration.”


Miko-chan has rebooted.

“Master! Welcome abroad! I have been rude to you, please forgive me! Now, now, now, come inside, please! I apologize for not brewing you a cup of tea! I will prepare tea and delicious snacks for you right away! Your companions may come in, too!”

“Eh!? What… wait…”

“Come, come, come, don’t be restrained now~☆ I’m so happy you have come to visit me, Master!”

Miko-chan was super pushy☆ She was like an auntie who wouldn’t let you pay for a cup of tea. Why did she suddenly change her attitude!? I was confused, but she didn’t care at all and kept on urging.

“Eh? I was never able to go further than here…”

“It seems that women are Ojousama’s weakness, huh.”

Kanata-san was perplexed and Jash was speaking keenly. I’m not weak against women… it’s just that I don’t believe I can win against an auntie. I believe that aunties are the strongest living thing on the planet.

We were taken even deeper into the ruins by Miko-chan.

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