Chapter 260.1

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What lies in the ruins.
As we neared the deepest part of the ruins, Geraldin-san tilted his head.

“I’ve been playing in these ruins since I was a kid, but I remember this being a dead end?”

“Playing in B-grade ruins is insane.”

“…I don’t think Geraldin-san would want Rosarin to tell him that, would he?”
“I think you’re the one who’s insane, Ojousama.”
“Rosarin-chan, let’s face the reality.”
“Rosarin-sama is definitely more insane.”
“Ah~ yeah. Well… yep… right.”

“I have no allies here! Even Dirk is against me!”

“… Sorry.”

I even tried to mimic crying, but no one denied it. They are all terrible! I was so sulky that I crouched down in the ruins in a gymnastic sitting position.



“N, nya~n.”

Hmph! You can’t just win me over with your sexy Beastified cuteness… you are cute, though! I may be influenced badly, but I do have some common sense left, okay! I might be a bit of a tomboy, but I’m still a normal girl, you know!”

“Nya, nyaao.”


I’m not swayed by the cute Dirk’s meowing. I want to squirm a little, but I can’t! I made a firm decision.

However, I instantly fell for the super-pretty anchovy that suddenly appeared in front of me.

“Noooooo way, so cute! Cute, cute, cute, cute!! A miracle! Kiseki ga! Wonderful! Subarashii!! Impossibleeh!”

“Rosarin!? Your eyes are scary!”

I was so excited to see the kitten-sized, fully Beastified Dirk-sama. I immediately took him in my arms and rubbed him. Dirk’s fluffiness is the best in the world! I want to take him home! No, I’ll take him home! I’ll live with you for the rest of my life!! I’ll make you happy!!

“What an erratic excitement. Moreover, she even let out ‘subarashii’.”

“Her excitement is comparable to Geraldin-san’s earlier excitement. I’m glad Lord’s mood was restored.”

Hau… mofumofu… kitty Dirk is seriously an angel. I rubbed against Dirk while holding him in my arms. He play-bit me a little… and I gently embrace him.
As a result of Dirk’s improved magic power control, it seems that he can now change his size to some extent during complete Beastification. Next time, I’ll make him turn bigger and have him carry me on his back.
I, I’m not easy or anything, okay! It’s my brother who is easy! It’s Dirk’s fault for being too cute!


“Fumyuu… purrpurr. Geez, that tickles.”

I received a punch from the angel kitty… no, black panther. It’s a treat to get a paw stamp. Thanks for the treat. Yummy~
He’s purring, but he’s still so shy! I proceeded while petting Dirk everywhere. I think everyone was looking at me like I was a disappointment, but it was surely just my imagination! Dirk is just too cute for me to melt down!




With Dirk in my arms and me in an excellent mood, we reached the deepest part of the ruins.

“It’s a dead end.”

“Looks like it.”

Kanata-san went this far without losing his way. It seems that the structure of these ruins is exactly the same as in the game. I was the type of person who often got lost in games, so I thought it was amazing that he could remember the way. Well, as for me, before I knew it, I kept going in circles. It’s strange, isn’t it?

At the dead end, Kanata-san started checking the wall.

“Rosarin-chan, take a look.”

“A button?”

When Kanata-san pressed the button, a voice came out.

(Please answer the quiz. What is the meaning of Cinderella in Japanese?)

“Covered in ash.”

(Correct. In the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, who did the wolf eat?)

“The granny and Red Riding Hood.”

(Correct. Final question. What is the Japanese name for Rapunzel?)


(Correct. You are hereby acknowledged as a friend of the Otherworld. Gate open.)

Together with the voice, a hidden passage appeared.

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