Chapter 259

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gods and boing boings.
As a result of the monsters getting eradicated by our super high-tension father and son duo, we had to proceed while collecting materials.
I was walking while chatting with Dirk.

“Come to think of it, how are the Gods like?”

“N~? Shiva is the most normal-looking, although white and shiny.”

“… Yeah. I don’t mean to be blunt, but that’s what he looks like on the outside and the inside.”

Kanata-san also agreed with me. Dirk’s expression became more subtle.

“Slength-san is… huge and tough-looking, like a macho gorilla, with lots of muscles… he’s like a small animal.”

“Wait!? So is he huge? Or small!?”

Dirk immediately interjected. Kanata-san nodded in agreement.

“He’s a big guy by appearances, but he’s like a small animal on the inside. He’s a gentle guy. A bit too shy, though. Most people get intimidated by him when they first see him… because of his looks.”

“Is that so?”

“He has great pecs, you know? They were so firm.”

“You touched him!?”

“Yes. They were solid.”

“Rosarin, what were you doing to a God!?”

“… She fondled Mystia, too.”

“Yes. The size, the shape, and the feel… she’s sporting a supreme pair of boing boings.”

Dirk and Jash collapsed. Geraldin-san didn’t seem to be interested. Andre-san seemed to have realized something. His eyes were dead fish as always. Shushu-san was blushing.

“Rosarin, just what were you doing!?”
“Why would you do something like that!? Ojousamaaaa!!”

Dirk and Jash let out a vigorous interjection.

“Mystia is owner of a envy-inducing body proportions. On top of having a beautiful face, her boing boings were of the supreme kind. If such appetizing thing appears right before me, then…… I can only fondle them!”

“””No, don’t fondle!!”””

Three sensible people interjected. No, I’ll fondle them! I mean, I fondled them! And it was great! But me and the common sense people couldn’t understand each other on that point.

“Umm… so Mystia is a beauty?”

Shushu-san asked me timidly. I affirmed. Mystia is a pretty, but a disappointing beauty.

“On the outside, she’s an absolute beauty. Perfectly proportioned at that.”

Shushu-san looked at her own chest and a look of desperation appeared on her face.

“She comes to see Kanata every night, right?”

Shushu-san was teary-eyed. However, I cannot let her misunderstand.

“No, Shiva, Slength-san, Ingens are always there too, so they are never alone, you know?”


Kanata-san affirmed.


“Besides, Kanata-san likes tiny boobs! Your breasts are of the supreme kind to Kanata-san, Shushu-san!”

“Ou. The shape, color, and the feel of them… Shushu’s boobies are—”What the hell are you two talking about nooooow!?”

Dirk with his whole face red shouted out loud.


“”Please don’t make such serious expressions when talking about something like that!!””

We got scolded by Dirk and Jash. Incomprehensible.


However, Shushu-san was deeply moved and embraced Kanata-san. Kanata-san was also blessed.

“Shushu-san, Dirk also told me that he will get excited regardless if I have boing boings or tiny boobies. There are people with such incilnation everywhere. Have some confidence in yourself.”


“That’s right, your boobies are the world’s best, Shushu! And it’s not only the boobies. I’m not trying to flatter you or anything, but you are the cutest and most beautiful in the whole world!”


The two stared in each other’s eyes. And then, we softly left them alone, and Dirk spoke to me.

“… Rosarin, I don’t think I needed to hear that.”

“Why? Was it not convincing enough?”

“… It was apparently very convincing, but exposing your lover’s preferences is a bit…”

Jash’s face was red. I didn’t say that Dirk is perverted or anything, no?

“Then, should I tell you how wonderful Dirk’s chest is? First—””You don’t have to speak about that!!””

You guys are perfectly in sync. Then, I was lectured about the bashfulness of women. No, isn’t that fine? I also have a type of chest I prefer.

“I really don’t know where Rosarin’s obsession with breasts come from…”

“It’s because Rin was flat… personally, I think that women are beautiful even without them, but I just want to fulfil my dream since I never had them! Big boing boings are my dream, my ambition, my life goal!”

“… I wonder where that passion comes from…”

Dirk had a distant look in his eyes.

“I love you very much for cooperating with me even though you are so stunned, Dirk!”

“… Cooperating?”

Jash tilted his head.

“Yes. Bo—”Wa~wa~wa~!!”

Dirk covered my mouth. Realizing what was going on, Jash blushed and told Dirk that he had it difficult.
Furthermore, are you okay as a male around Shushu-san? Is there a problem with your fertility? He was worried, and Dirk was teary-eyed as he denied it.

“… I have apparently destroyed his reasoning power, you know? But I was told by the Gods that Dirk’s reasoning power is already on a mutation level.”

With a single sentence that was meant to be a helping hand, the place fell silent.

Dirk was getting patted on the shoulder by everyone but me. Dirk was in tears.

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