Chapter 258

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Anyhow, we managed to eradicate the monsters that were summoned by the great scream of Kanata-san, so I guess there won’t be coming any for a while. I walked leisurely while chatting with Dirk.

“… Rosarin, what did you do to the other Gods?”

“One suddenly attacked me from behind, so I defeated him with tickling until his face was full of tears and snot. But we became friends.”

“Don’t leave out the important parts! I have no clue at all!”

I explained. Blah-blah, yadda-yadda, this and that…

“… Rosarin, what did you want to accomplish by that?”

“I was attacked, so I only accepted the challenge.”

“I see.”

“As for the next two, we did a mysterious ritualistic Japanese game called Kagome Kagome and made them cry.”

“Why are you making each and every God cry!?”

“They disturbed Kanata-san’s sleep night after night, so we disciplined them a little. The finishing blow was dealt by a dance from the pervert Gora-chan, Kanata-san and two magical girl uncles I made from illusion. The Gods were quite panicked.”

“Kanata-san as well!?”

“As I said in the Kabaddi matter, Kanata-san is of the same kind as Rin. It’s just a spur of the moment thing.”

“……… I see.”

When Dirk gave up on a lot of things concerning me and Kanata-san, a monster came again. It was a Demon Stone. It resembled Doraemon’s Incident Bomb, but it won’t explode. There are no self-destruct spells in this world. It’s a monster named Stone, even though it’s a boulder no matter how you look at it.


“Alrighty. Transform~”

The light flooded out from the pen-shaped magic tool.

“One~ you are bothering people… Two~ it’s past the prank time… Three~ unsightly monsters need to be punished! Kanataro!…………… Why the hell!”

Kanata-san the samurai style… Oh my, Kanataro was doing a self-tsukkomi. That was a great tsukomi, Bro!


“So cool!”

The Silver Wolf father and son pair were wagging their tails vigorously. Cool, is it? Is that so?

“How do we go from Sentai-style Ultraman to samurai Momotaro!? The time period disperity is too odd! Where did the special effects go!?”

“Not Momotaro but Kanataro. The living room’s hero, actually.”

“Why did you choose this!?”

“……… I was tempted by the devil!”

“I’m convinced!”

The convinced samurai Kanataro cut the Demon Stone with his katana. What a beautiful cross-section. Incredible.

“… Was there a need for me to tag along?”

Andre-san was a snake, but he had the eyes of a dead fish.

“Kanata-san is still not very good with magic, so an escort is a must. I’m sure he doesn’t understand how the magic tool works either. That thing strengthens body & weapon with magical power, so it’s quite exhausting to use.”

“… I see. But with Rosarin-sama and you, Ojousama, there’s no need for us to be here, no?”

“To be honest, someone with Geraldin-san’s strength is unfit to be a guard. Jash is essential for holding back Geraldin-san’s excitement and to make sure he doesn’t get lost. However, if Dirk and I get surrounded, I cannot be sure we can keep everyone safe.”

“No, Rosarin-sama and Dirk-sama would be surely all right.”

“It’s just your imagination.”

While having such meaningless conversation with Andre-san, Kanataro defeated the Demon Stone.

“I have defeated the unworthy…”

You are so onboard with this, Bro!!



“I want that, too.”

“… Your magical power is too low for this, so no.”

“… Kyu~n.”

Stop it. A big burly man, with that voice and teary-eyed eyes of a disheartened puppy… I, I won’t be persuaded by something like this… t, this doesn’t work on me, okay………………

“… I will try making one for you.”


I lost. I was defeated by a kyu~n, kyu~n-ing teary-yed uncle.

“Ojousama, I’m sorry.”

“Well, it can’t be helped.”

“…… I want one, too.”

“………… Oof.”

Jash, you too!? I wanted to interject, but he is usually a quiet and obedient servant who is shy and apologetic. I couldn’t refuse his unusual request. He’s always working hard for me, so I thought it would be okay if I gave me a magic tool.

“Well… I might as well make two while at it…”

“I believe that making magic tools is same as making lunchboxes, only for Rosarin-sama.”

Andre-san gave up on me. And so, I made a suitable place to take a break.

“How convenient.”

“To think we would be having a cup of tea inside the ruins.”

After waiting for a while.

“It’s done. This is for Geraldin-san, this one is Jash’s.”

Geraldin-san’s was a bracelet (equipped with anti-getting lost system) and Jash’s was a short sword.


“Thank you very much, Ojousama.”

The two Silver Wolves were wagging their tails so much, I worried they would fly away. I’m happy you like it.

“Let’s go, Jash!”


They were glowing. They were just like little boys who were eager to play with their new toys. They opened the door of our resting place while wagging their tails so much they looked like they were going to fall off.

Once out of the resting place, Geraldin-san immediately transformed.

“The messenger of Justice, Wolfanea Mask is here!!”

A bodybuilding Kinnikuman uncle wearing a wolf face mask, a tight suit and a mantle appeared.


Overjoyed with excitement, the uncle ran off.

“Eh!? Wait!”

He ran so fast that I didn’t have time to stop him. The man who had become a super high-tension man ran through the ruins.

“Jash, stop him!”


Jash used the magic tool as well. The light flooded the surroundings.

“It is my destiny to live in the shadows… and bring judgment to the foolish.”

A ninja fully loaded with chuuni… or rather, he was a NIN☆JYA. Jash’s transformation… had no concealement worthy of ninja whatsoever. However, I forgot something important. Jash was also super high-tension, and he couldn’t help but want to test his new power.

As the result of releasing the overkill super high-tension men…




An hour later.
There was a Silver Wolf and his son sitting on the floor in front of me.

“You guys, this was supposed to be a combat training session for Kanata-san.”


“I can see why you were excited about your new weapons.”


“But you overdid iiiiit! You idioooots!!”

The Silver Wolf and his son were blown away by my Harisen. They had annihilated all of the monsters inside the ruins with their high tension. Even when I shouted this loud, no monsters won’t come at us again!

“As I thought, there was no need for me.”

Andre-san, who had eyes like a dead fish, said. I couldn’t deny it in this current situation.

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