Chapter 257.2

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Ruins and Kanata-san
“Hum!? (I can’t talk!?)”

“You cannot talk, and it lasts only for three minutes, but you are strong, okay!”

“Hum!? Hum!… Hum! (Why do you have to elaborate on such useless details!? I cannot keep up with the interjections! Anyhow!)”

Kanata-san seemed to have come to his senses and crushed the Stone Golems one after another. Strong. Really strong. I’m not sure if I can say it since I made it, but he was super strong.


Geraldin-san and Jash seemed to like it. Andre-san was surprised by the power.



“When did you hand that over?”

“I gave it to him yesterday in Rin’s dream. Incidentally, I made three… no, four? Gods cry.”

“What did you do!?”

“First, we Kabaddi’d Shiva.”

“You did something so wrong from the very beginning!!”

“Moreover, it was a duo with Kanata-san.”

“What did you do that even Kanata-san joined!?”

“Kabaddi (Harrassment.)”

“I know that!”

“Kanata-san and Rin are both of the same race, idiots.”

“What are you trying to say so smarty!?”

While Dirk was out of breath, Kanata-san finished killing the Stone Golems.

“Hum! (This magic tool is incredible!)”

“That’s right. It might be the effect of the new Revelation. Let’s thank Slength-san in the Heavens. I can’t see the sky since we are in the ruins, though.”

“Hum… (No, don’t say it like if he died. You will make him sad…)”

“… How do you understand Kanata’s words, Rosarin-chan.”

“Ah, I can understand him, too.”

“Me too.”


What I, Dirk, and Geraldin-san have in common…

“Ah, the earrings?”

Apparently, Kanata-san’s inability to speak is in the abnormal state category, and the earring negate it.

While coming up with an explanation, a Jewel Golem appeared.

“Hum! (Alright, I’m going to defeat it!)

“Kanata-san, three minutes are nearly up, so please bring it down with the Acid Beam!”

“Hum? (Something like Spacium Beam?)”

“A bit different, but you can definitely defeat it with this! Do a Spacium-luke pose, and gather your magical power!”

“Hum!! (Eat this, my Chuuni illness Beam!)”

From Kanata-san’s… no, a beam fired from Kanatultraman’s hand… or not, it was an acid.
The Jewel Golem was melted in a blink of an eye.

“Hum!? Heah!! (Scary!? What the hell did you make me use!!)”

And then, an announcement followed.

(Pinponpanpo~n♪ The Acid Beam is acidic and may produce toxic gas, so please do not use it together with other chemicals.)

“… Are you an idiot! You are an idiot! The Acid Beam is already dangerous enough on its ownnnnn!!”

The Jewel Golem was melted, and the transformation was released, and the grand scream of Kanata-san echoed inside the ruins.

“Kanata-san, if you are too loud…”

“We are surrounded.”

The golems were coming in fast. Jash and Geraldin-san took over the rear, while Dirk and I took out the golems in front. It was not easy for Kanata-san to fight after using so much magical power, so I asked Shushu-san and Andre-san to guard him.


I replaced my ring with a giant hammer and proceeded to smash the golems.

“… I might not be needed.”

In fact, Dirk, who judged that the hammer I was wielding was dangerous, came to my aid with his bow.

In no time at all, the golems turned into a mass of stones and gems.

“”… Uwaah.””

“As expected of my Lord!”

In contrast to the smiling Shushu-san, Kanata-san and Andre-san were speechless. I don’t get it.

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