Chapter 257.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ruins and Kanata-san
When I went to the dining hall to have breakfast, everyone was there. I confirmed with everyone what we were going to do.

“I’m going to the Kora-type ruins today with Dirk and Kanata-san. If we have more time, we might go to the Man-destroying ruins.”

“I’m going back to Christia today. I have to tell my parents about Cidar-kun, and they sent me a message to go home. Will you be alright, Rosary?”

I smiled at the worried look on Milfi’s face.

“Both are B-rank areas, so there won’t be a problem.”

“We will go too. You can be at ease.”

Geraldin-san said, and Jash nodded. Isn’t this an overkill?

“Us too…”

“Martha and Rabisha-chan, I have a very important mission.”

I took Martha’s and Rabisha-chan’s hands and requested a soundproofing barrier outside the dining hall.

“I’m going on a date with Dirk tomorrow, so I need you to choose me some clothes and accessories from home!”


“Martha, how about you meet with Rudolf-san afterward?”


“You finally found your soulmate, so how about you take a break in the afternoon? Don’t you usually go there while he is sleeping?”


“If you are not careful, Rudolf-san will think it’s just a physical relationship or something weird like that, and it’ll be very troublesome, right?”


“What do you say?”

“………… I can’t say for sure. I think he might misunderstand me in a strange way and fill in the gaps on his own.”


“… Rabisha-chan.”

“As you wish, Ojousama. I will assist Martha-san after we are done with your preparations. If you don’t need me, why don’t I help her in my free time after I report to Lord and Madam?”

“As expected of my personal maid. I will be relying on you.”

When I patted her head, Rabisha-chan looked happy.

“Ehehehe, I will do my best! We shall strike while the iron is hot! Martha-san, let’s go! I’m sure he already inquired from Lord about the marriage, for sure!”

“Ehh!? O, Ojousama, excuse us! Rabisha, don’t pull!”

It was unusual for Martha to be so flustered, but I had a feeling that maybe Rabisha-chan was right.




“I’m back~”

“Huh? Where’s Martha-san?”

“I asked her to do something for me. Also, told her to make sure Rudolf-san wasn’t misbehaving.”

“……… Ohh.”

Dirk’s eyes looked distant. He told me that Rudolf-san’s unrequited love was so strong that there was no one in the Order who didn’t know about it. I didn’t know.

While I was in a daze, Shushu-san started talking to me in a desperate manner.

“Rosarin-chna, if Kanata’s going, then I…!”

“Ojousama, work.”

Andre-san refused her simply. When my eyes met Elder brother’s, he nodded.

“Since the former secretary of Christia’s Prime Minister will help her, why don’t you let her go?”

“I will lend my hand too, how about it?”

“…… Just this once.”

Andre-san had no problems as long as the work was done properly, so he agreed.
Our schedule was to go to the ruins first and work in the afternoon.



Here we are, the Kora-type ruins! As the name suggests, the ruins are full of stone and golem-type monsters. Elder brother diverted from the plan with nerdy friends because the drop was a type of gem, and Cidar-kun was absent because he went along as a stopper.
The current members were me, Dirk, Geraldin-san, Jash, Kanata-san, Shushu-san, and Andre-san. Andre-san seemed to go actually as a guard. He emphasized on “just in case.”

The Stone Golem came early. It was tough, but slow, so even Kanata-san should be able to defeat it!

“Kanata-san, this is the time to show off your true power!”

“… Hah?”

“Magic tool!”

“… Oh~ Transform~”

The unmotivated-looking Kanata-san transformed with a pen-shaped magic tool.


“Ohh, Kanata-san, you have a good luck! You became Kanatultraman!”

Kanata-san has become a silvery, Ultraman-like Hero.

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