Chapter 256

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Sound and chest.
I asked Darkness-sama to send me back, and after reporting the situation to Rosalia, I went to sleep. I explained that there still seemed to be a connection between me and her, and Rosalia understood most of it.



When I woke up, Dirk was sleeping next to me. I stared at Dirk’s sleeping face. I wanted to smooch his cheeks, but I knew that would wake him up.

“Fumiyuu… Rosarin…”

Dirk sleep talking and rubbing his head on my chest. I felt like I was about to explode from moe. I gently patted his head and fondle his ears.

“N… my ears are tickling…”

Looking at the happy Dirk… I suddenly remembered what Kanata-san had said. It reminded me of the precious people in Rin’s world that I will never see again.

“Rosarin… are you crying?”

“Eh? I’m not…”

When Dirk woke up, he licked my cheek. I had been crying without even realizing it.

“What is it? Talk to me.”

“… It’s such a mess you might not be able to understand.”

“I don’t mind. I will hear you out, so talk to me.”


I snuggled up to Dirk and told him what I had been thinking.

“I see…”

Dirk stroked my hair gently. He was listening to me, even though it was most likely difficult for him to understand.

“Rin suddenly appeared here and had a lot of things to do, so maybe she got lonely with Kanata-san as a trigger.”

“… That might be so.”

I realized this after Dirk told me. I see, so I was feeling lonely?

“Are you still lonely?”

Stroking my hair… my beloved mate was soothing me.

“… N… I don’t feel lonely with you here.”

I spoiledly rubbed against Dirk. I didn’t know I was this type of person. I might die of embarrassment when I remember it later.


“… Dirk, you seem happy?”

“It’s nice when my beloved mate, who I rarely have a chance to spoil, cries out of loneliness and acts spoiled in front of me. It’s also nice to see the parts of you that you normally hide well. And you also said that you are not lonely because I’m here…! What is it? You’re too cute!”


“Fufu… cute…”


I panic as he licked my neck. That tickles! Oh, nooo! Not my ears! Don’t bite my ears!

“Rosarin, you are so cute…”

Stop whispering in my ear!

“Not the ears… ugh… Dirk you stupid! Ikemen!”


“Cool… it means… a cool man! Ahhh, don’t make my heart throb so fast! You are usually cool, but right now, you are too ero! Ero ikemen! You are so cool, I’m having troubles here!”

“… Am I making your heart beat faster?”


Dirk placed his ear to my chest. Gyaaaa!? Don’t listen to it! I’m nervous! Stop checking! I tried to resist, but there was no way I could match Dirk’s arm strength.

“Fufu… it really is beating fast…”

What is this se* appeal!? The word “seductive” suits you very well, my Darling! You’ve had your fill, haven’t you? Release my humble breasts! Stop it! Don’t ask any more questions! Also, you’re unknowingly touching a very sensitive place! I, I don’t have a choice!


“… Dirk, you pervert…”

“…………… Eh?”

“I can’t believe you were rubbing against my boobies… pervert…”


Dirk pulled away from me so fast that he fell off the bed.

“Are you okay?”

“Oww…!? Y, you are wrong! I was only listening to the sound of your heart! I would never…”

“You did, though?”

“… I, I’m sorry.”

Thank God. Dirk has calmed down for now. The shame play he performed on me is finally over. Let’s get even!

“That being the case, I’m going to ask you to give me a massage. For the future of my big tiddies!”

“No way! And I don’t understand you!”

Dirk turned bright red and refused. But I pushed.

“Dirk… you won’t?”

“I, I won’t even if you act so cutely!”

Tsk! Then I’ll have to push harder! I slipped closer to Dirk and begged him with my puppy eyes.

“Dirkkk… please?”

“…………… So sly yet so cute… I have no choice but to walk into a trap… you are too cute… I don’t think I can win.”

“Dirkk… can’t you?”

I tilted my head to the side. In the end, Dirk was defeated by my begging.



“I feel like they have grown a little lately.”

“Yeah… oy, stop it! Don’t make me remember!”

“How do you like my boobies, Dirk? How’s the feel—”Stop! Don’t let me remember! I get excited easily when it comes to you, okay… that’s not it! I don’t care how your breasts look like!”

“What about me turns you on?”

“Don’t pick that up from what I have said!”

As payback for the heart-throbbing shame play, I teased Dirk a lot.



I grinned at Dirk, who was dead tired after being tormented by me, and told him about my plans for today.

“Dirk, I think I should go to the ruins today.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll go with you.”

“Dirk, please take me on a date tomorrow.”

“Yeah, sure……? A date!?”

Is this really such a surprise? I want to go on a date with you, Dirk.

“I mean, I want to dress up cutely for you, Dirk. Make you a lunch and then flirt it out with you while having you all to myself.”

“No, I don’t need an explanation like that!”

“And so, what is your reply?”

“Gladly! I’m looking forward to it.”

I did it! I have a date with Dirk! Rather than making moves on the game’s Dirk-sama, I like my Dirk more. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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