Chapter 255.2

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I’m glad I have met you.
“Ah, I don’t care about it now, but sadly, my breast volume is the same even though I’m more than fifteen years younger. So if there’s a Revelation that will make my boobs bigger, I want it just in case…”

“……… If you mean muscle-wise, then I have one… otherwise, no.”

“Yeah, thank you for your consideration.”

Slength-san spoke apologetically with a bright red face. It’s not the pectoral muscles that I want. I want boingboings that are squishy like a jelly.

“… Of course there’s none! You are old enough, so have some modesty!”

Ingens complained with his entire face red.

“… Erm, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, that only makes me sad.”

Mystia comforted me. She surprisingly might be a nice person. She really looked sorry. It seems that she had no bad intentions, but please don’t do it because it will tear my heart out.

“Does it really matter? Rosarin looks like she’s going to grow up just fine, so why don’t you let Dirk do his best to raise you?”

“Also, tiny breasts are justice. The smaller the better.”

I learned about Kanata-san’s preferences. I don’t need this information, so I’ll forget it as soon as possible.

“Dirk has already started cooperating.”

It’s an ongoing process. When I said that, Shiva looked troubled.

“I was just kidding… poor Dirk… if you make him hold back too much, you’ll have a lot of trouble later. Although Dirk is half-beastman, his animal nature is very strong. Do things with moderation, alright? He really is doing his best holding back…”


“I’m sure that when you reach your first menstruation, he won’t be able to hold back, so make sure you keep your distance that time.”


“Otherwise, if you’re not careful, you’ll lose your virg*nity when you have your first period, you know?”


“In short, you know nothing, huh. Dirk’s patience has already reached mutation levels, but people generally don’t have the self-control to ignore approaches of their mate, okay? You are going to end up as a bed dweller for a week. Ask Shushu-san or your aunts who are also feline-type for more details. It’s for both Dirk’s and Rosarin-chan’s sake.”



I reluctantly decided to comply. If it’s for Dirk’s sake, I have no choice.

“Oh, by the way, I was curious, but Dirk’s mate…”

“It’s you guys, Rosarin. He can’t have one without the other.”

“… I see.”

Then the gods dispersed. Mystia and Ingens seem like they are going to try to convince us about their Revelations again in the future. I’m not going to be a Hero, so I don’t need any more cheats.

I was also about to leave with Darkness-sama when Kanata-san called out to me.

“Wait a moment.”

“What is it?”

“… You know, I might have never met you in person, but I really thought of you as a friend, Rin-chan. I was really worried when I suddenly lost all contact with you. I was sure you would let me know if you were quitting, so I was worried that you had an accident or something… and it seems that you had. Several days later, I finally got an answer. I found out that you passed away from illness… I got a text from your niece.”

“… Is that so?”

He had a strange expression on his face. It was a complicated expression, like he was crying and laughing at the same time. Did he come here after my death? I’m not sure if the math adds up, but the time period doesn’t add up for the Salvation Saintess either, so it could be off.

“We have never met, but I seriously cried. I couldn’t even do my job properly… thinking back now, I must have been really sad.”

“… Yeah.”

“That’s why I was happy. Even though you look different… we finally met. For this, I have Shiva to thank.”


“I’m glad to meet you again. Please continue treating me well.”

“Yes, likewise.”

“That’s why I was probably scared of Shushu’s matter, too. Because… even the most important people can disappear without a second thought. That knowledge made me numb. I said I would resist and oppose it and make the future what I wanted it to be. I’ll fight it, too. I’m going to have another talk with Shushu. I don’t want to have regrets anymore.”

“Yes, it will surely go well.”


At the end, we parted with smiles on our faces, Kanata-san’s smile has also cleared up.

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