Chapter 255.1

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I’m glad I have met you.
I decided to try out Slength-san’s Revelation immediately. I held up my usual twin swords and we battled.

I can tell… I moved to my heart’s content. My movements… are exactly as I want them to be. Even the great sword that I had struggled with earlier, I was able to fend it off. I dispersed its power, dissipated its force, and turned to the offensive. I can’t believe how much of a difference a single Revelation can make…


I nimbly avoided Slength-san’s strike and changed my weapons.



“O, owowowow!?”


“Will ya stop it already.”


What did I do? I fired my toy gun wildly. It was a toy gun, because real bullets are dangerous. Still, it must have hurt a little. Well, it hit, it did hit! I’ve never been very good at gun action, but it’s so amusing when it hits!
Since I had made Slength-san a one-sided target, I was chastised by Kanata-san. I’d like to say that I didn’t mean to put a damper on a serious match, but it must have looked like I was torturing Slength-san, so it cannot be helped.

“I’m sorry, Slength-san. Are you okay?”

“… (Nod).”

Slength-san patted me.

“What an interesting weapon. Let’s spar again sometime.”

“Hmph, I will win the next time, too.”


Slength-san laughed softly. I wondered if the other gods could learn from his warmth and generosity. A god who wouldn’t be offended if someone fired a toy gun at him? He was a god, indeed.

“I will also give you my Revelation.”
“Let me give you my Revelation as well.”

“”No thanks.””

The dissapointing beauty and adonis fell to the ground.

“Why do you not want it? Why don’t you just take it?”

Kanata-san and I looked at each other and nodded, replying at the same time.

“”Revelations are nice, but you are too annoying.””

“Y, you hate this lady?”


“A bit. You are bothering Kanata-san too much.”

“T, then… I won’t bother him anymore! So, please be my friend!”

“………… Okay.”

The disappointing Goddess Mystia was too adorable with tears in her eyes. I couldn’t resist the urge to fondle the meaty things in front of me. They were big, soft, firm, and wonderful.
Slength-san’s chest were wonderful in its own way, but this one was wonderful in a totally different way.


“Don’t se*ually harrass her so casually! She’s a God! More or less!!”

Kanata-san emphasized the ‘more or less’ strongly. She certainly is a god, but you also treated her coldly before, no? I apologized to the teary-eyed Mystia.

“I apologize, your chest is so magnificent, I did something so outrageous without thinking… it was a wonderful feeling, though!”

“I told you to reflect on it!”

“I’m reflecting! But I have no regrets!”

“Are you an idiot!?”

“I’m an idiot!”

“You said it out loud!”

“… Pfft… you guys, stop the comedy skit…”

The next thing I know, the gods were laughing at us. Isn’t the boiling point of laughter too low? No, looking closely, Slength-san was embarrassed. So pure!

“… Why did you touch this lady’s breats.”

“I was jealous of their outrageous size, so I just…”

Then I looked down at my precipice. Mystia hurriedly followed me.

“D, don’t worry! You are still young, so you have room to grow, Rin!”

“… I already died after becoming a splendid adult.”

“… Come to think of it, how old were you?”

“I died at 25.”


Everyone except Shiva was astonished. Even you, Kanata-san?

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