Chapter 254

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Gods and surprising truth.
Now then, the disappointing man and woman who are now completely obedient. The woman is the Goddess Mystia, and the man is Ingens. Are the gods of this world okay? In many ways, you know.
Darkness-sama and Sui have also left. Darkness-sama patted me and said, “I will send you home, so call me properly.” How old do you think I am, Darkness-sama? I wanted to ask, but I was afraid of the answer, so I decided against it. I saw Darkness-sama and the others off and faced Shiva again.

“Which reminds me, Shiva.”

“What is it?”

“Those games… ‘Rune Earth Online’ and ‘Let’s Make a Wonderful Love☆Heart-throbbing Magical Academy☆A Wish-fullfiling Beneficiary☆’, were those made by you?”


“Yeah. That’s right~”


I knew it. Shiva said I’m changing the future. That means he can predict or knows the future to some extent. Kanata-san screamed out in surprise.
No, if you think about it for a moment, you’ll understand. This world is just like the game… No, it’s more likely that the game was modeled after this world.

“It’s a good system, isn’t it? If you are told that you can go to the world of your favorite game, there will be people who will want to go there, and above all, the basic knowledge is naturally imprinted in the game, so there’s less explanation for, you to do.”

“Right~!? I’m a genius, right!”

The disappointing Gods came up with something like this… however, why exactly a game? I find that bothering me, so I want an explanation.

“However, why an Otome game?”

“N? I was tempted by the devil.”

Is that so? Certainly, I don’t think there would be capture targets if he wasn’t tempted by the devil.

“I mean, all the games I made before were RPGs, so I won’t deny that I tried to make a new genre and failed misreably.”

“I think you failed already when you chose the capture targets. Why, why is not Dirk-sama a capture target!?”

“Eh? That’s what this is about? Is that important?”

“So it’s about that? You love him so much, huh…”

Kanata-san and Shiva looked dumbfounded.

“It’s the most important thing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for the normal ending just for Dirk-sama…!”


They looked at me as if they were looking at something very disappointing. I don’t get it. Slength-san patted me in comfort. What an Angel. He’s a tough-looking God, though.

“… Then, should I recreate that game with Dirk as the main hero?”

“… Yeah, I’d love you to… no, you can’t! Dirk is mine and mine only, so you can’t let anyone else hit on him…!”

“So, which is it?”

I want to conquer Dirk-sama in the game! However, if Shiva sells that game, then Dirk-sama will…!

“…… Don’t mind me.”

“You are crying.”

I was crying. I wanted to see it! I wanted to see it, but I didn’t want to see Dirk-sama flirting with anyone but me! It can’t be helped… tomorrow I’ll seriously flirt it out with Dirk! The real Dirk, not the game’s Dirk-sama! Huh? Isn’t that super extravagant now that I think about it…?

“Looks like you have realized something. However, the last amusing person I’ve seen was the previous Hero.”

Shiva laughed.

“The previous Hero?”

“Wolfanea’s Salvation Saintess. She was a super weird girl. She wore a mask all the time.”

“”Why a mask.””

Kanata-san and I synced again.

“I think… it was because she didn’t want to show her face without make-up and to protect her glasses?”

“… The Salvation Saintess had the same Revelation as me, right?”

“Why didn’t she cure her nearsightedness then?”

So there was this option! Everyone made such expression. Realize that sooner!

“That reminds me, I heard that you cannot summon people over here if they don’t wish for it because of the Salvation Saintess…”

Shiva looked nostalgic for the past.

“I made her a promise. I promised her three wishes in exchange for her being a hero. She wished for us not to summon people here again without their consent.”



Kanata-san and I synced.

“You mean you used to kidnap people without permission!?”

“Police officer! There’s a kidnapper here!”

We were in an uproar. Let’s at least check his intentions!

“I used to sell my games as Doujin Games, and brough those who liked it to become a Hero of Runark’s people. Most of the time, they were all like, ‘I CAN BE STROOOOONK’, or ‘The game world came to life!’ But she was the only one who was angry.”

“”Well, of course she would.””

Just because her predecessors happened to enjoy the other world doesn’t mean the Salvation Saintess’ reaction was not perfectly normal.

“And she was the only one who chose a different path than everyone else. She was just like you now. She agonized over it, took a non-theoretical path… and created an outcome that even the gods couldn’t predict.”

Shiva’s smile was serene and seemed to be nostalgic for the Salvation Saintess.

“The setting of the game, the path, is a future that could have happened, right?”

“That’s right. The people you interact with have changed that future to a greater or lesser extent. The future is going in a completely different direction.”

“Ah! Why were Sui and Haru destined to die too!?”

“Oh, they were going to save Yggdrasil with the Magchelia in exchange for their lives. They exhausted their magical power, so they died and Magchelia withered away. The game’s Tomb of Heroes is where they rest.”

“Saaafe! I’m admirable! I’m so glad my cute children are okay!!”

“And the Yggdrasil mourned… all the Yggdrasils in the world ceased to function, and the whole world had food shortages, there was a Great Tsunami, the world was on the brink of destruction.”

We froze. My head was messed up, and Kanata-san was the one who brought me back.

“Great job, Rin-chan!”

“It was even more horrible than I thought!?”

“You have been unconsciously saving the world. That being the case, I’m going to grant you a wish, so won’t you become a hero?”

“I refuse.”


“I only have a bad feeling about this. The world is still in danger.”

Shiva spoke bitterly.

“That’s right. I won’t force you. It’s just that we don’t want our world to be destroyed, so let me know if you change your mind.”

“I will do that.”

Well, I don’t think I will change my mind soon, though.

“… Rin.”

Slength-san knelt down to me.

“Will you join Kanata in receiving my Revelation?”

Slength-san’s eyes were gentle and kind. I have a weakness for clear eyes, so please stop.

“Leaving Kanata-san aside, since you get along with him, why me? By the way, what kind of Revelation are you intending to give me?”

“I don’t want you to die. My Revelation will surely be of help to you. The Revelation that I can bestow you is the Ultimate Weapons Master, an ever-present Revelation that allows you to use all kinds of weapons. It’s a matching one with your mate.”

“… Please. Kanata-san too, please take it.”

“Yeah. Please, Slength.”

“…… (Smile).”

Slength kissed me and Kanata-san on our right hands. There was a strange sensation of something entering my body. It was gentle and warm.

“You now have my Revelation.”

Slength-san patted us. He seemed overjoyed.

“I wish you both a very happy life.”

The God of Martial Arts smiled very gently.

I hadn’t realized at the time that a person with Shiva’s Favor, who could create anything, would become an even more ridiculous cheat as a result of having the Ultimate Weapons Master, who could use any kind of weapon.

How did this happen!?

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