Chapter 263

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The truth about the Man-destroying Ruins.
The management AI came. What can I say, it was a different color from Navi-kun. I thought Koto Neechan was too prone to cutting corners, but I kept silent. Navi-kun was a silver-based robot with a cylindrical body, big eyes and thin arms and legs, but this one had a pink body with a ribbon.

“I’m Naviko, the management AI of this place. Let me show you around.”

“… You don’t speak in Katakana like Navi-kun does, huh.”

“I think it’s because my role requires me to interact with people a lot. Is your companion a man?”

Naviko-chan glanced at Dirk.


“This might be dangerous. We need to take some countermeasures.”

In the end, I asked him to become kitten-sized and hide inside my clothes.

“I can’t! I can’t! With your scent all over, I…”

“Do I stink?”

“No, you smell nice, but I cannot think properly! I really can’t!”

“Dirk, you pervert.”

“I think that’s normal, though!”

“Why don’t you take a nap? How about I make you sleep with magic?”

Dirk took off his earring and I made him sleep.

“We will be fine once we reach the inner part. I will let you know when we reach the safety area.”



After a few minutes, I found out why Koto Neechan had left these dangerous ruins alone.

“You must have been hard for you.”

“It must have been painful.”

“Men are scum, aren’t they?”

“I wish I could just pluck them off.”

First of all, I’m concerned about the last part, but I’m not going to get into it. Everyone’s so scary.
Naviko-chan told us that there was an administration area at the back of the living quarters. We were surrounded by friendly aunties and older sisters, but they looked at men as the enemy.

I was told that the Men-destroying Ruins is a shelter for women who were treated badly by men. Originally, it was used for a different purpose. I don’t know if the women were all from Wolfanea, but many of them have been treated badly in that way, and they think that men should be treated the same way. It was a good thing I let Dirk sleep with me.

Dirk’s ass is mine to protect!! Dirk’s ass is all mine, okay!!


“These people are my valued guests. I will not tolerate disrespect of my Master. Move aside.”

Naviko-chan pulled a gun out of her mouth. Sensing the danger, the women quickly cleared the way, and we were able to get safely into the administration area.

I woke Dirk up, but he was mumbling something to himself.

“White with blue laces… pink……… ahhh… please let me forget, please let me forget…”

He seems to be in some kind of conflict. White with blue laces is probably my underwear, but pink… le, let’s not think about it. It might have been seen.

As Dirk and I sipped the tea that and Naviko-chan had prepared, I asked her about this facility.

“Is this a women’s shelter?”

“Positive. It was originally intended as a refuge for Kotoba-sama when she had a fight with her husband. Mister was traumatized in the butto— “Stop! That’s an invasion of privacy!! You can’t talk about it!!”

As I desperately tried to stop her, Naviko-chan mildened her words. Obscurity is important! However, I wonder what happened to Koto Neechan husband…

“… Mister was not frightened by any traps, only this place, he feared for his life.”

“… There aren’t many men who aren’t scared of this place, right?”


“… Yeah.”

“… Well… even women are scared of it in a way…”

Everyone reacted delicately. Because even that Geraldin-san was frightened! Because he didn’t come! Shushu-san was red from remembering the disaster at the entrance.

“Kotoba-sama tried to close the facility, but she couldn’t win over the aunties. She was also convinced that it was necessary for the women, and so it is still in operation.”

“I see…”

Although there are quite a few women living here, to be honest, I would like to shut it down too, but I don’t think I could beat those old ladies.

“Ah, is there any information sealed in this facility by Watase Kotoba?”

“Positive. Wait a moment, please.”

Naviko-chan brought a bundle of paper.

“A pattern?”

That’s what it looks like if you don’t have any knowledge in magic. Shushu-san was perplexed.

“… Can I take it?”

“Positive. Everything in this facility belongs to Master.”

I just obtained a sealing formula.



Well, on the way back, Dirk was sleeping in my clothes as well, but there was an incident.


“… Rosarin-chan?”

Uooh… is Dirk sleepwalking!? At least, I think he is! He’s ***** the part of my underwear that protects those thingies… gyaaah! There’s no milk, okay!

“A, are you okay!?”

Shushu-san was worried about me as I crouched. But I can’t tell her… I can’t tell her that Dirk chuu-ing me!

“Shushu-san, please carry me ou… t on your shoulders… hiiuh.”


Shushu-san acted swiftly. She took me in her arms as a princess and quickly ran through the ruins. She seemed to remember the directions, and the next thing I knew, I was outside.

Dirk was still biting sweetly at the moment. I don’t think I can wake him up with magic! I can’t even take it off either…

In the end, I couldn’t manage to wake him up by myself, so with the help of Shushu-san, I managed to get him out of my clothes and wake him up.

“… Rosarin?”

“What is it?”

“… Did I do something to you?”

“………… It’s not your fault.”

“But what is!? Did I do something!? What did I do!? While sleeping!?”

I was too embarrassed to speak. I didn’t want to say anything, but Shushu-san patted Dirk on the shoulder.

“You will regret it if you ask.”

“… Eh?”

“You ****** Rosarin-chan’s ****** in sleep and ****** — “Please forgive me!!”

Dirk got me down on his knees. I think Shushu-san didn’t have to go into such detail. But I’m glad she was there. It would have been bad if it was just me.

At any rate, the Men-destroying ruins were a horrible place. I won’t go there again!
And I had to lecture the men who didn’t tell me about it.

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