Chapter 230.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Victory celebration – continuation.
While I, Milfi, and Dirk were having a leisurely cup of tea while looking at the Valkyrie that had become a plaything, Leor-san and the others arrived.

“My Lord, thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m sorry for pushing you around so much, Leor-san. Thank you for your hard work as well.”

“… Was I at least a bit of help?”

“Far from a bit, you were very much of help. Thank you.”

“… Yes.”

Leor-san was super happy. And then, Michuu-san bowed his head.


I had been bowed to. Why. Incomprehensible.

“… I don’t know what to say. Thank you… thank you… I never thought proving my old man’s innocence would be possible…”

“Please raise your head. Both you and Cidar-kun worked very hard to accomplish this. I’m happy for you.”

Michuu-san was about to make the pose that several of the Wolfanean royalty made before.

“Michuu-san, I don’t need any more followers as of now. Please spare me.”

I predicted what he was about to do and declined. Michuu-san was seemingly sad, but Leor-san spoke with a bitter smile.

“Michuu, I’m already my Lord’s follower and you are my subordinate, so your position is something similar already.”

“Ohh, I see. That being the case, I will be in your care from now on, my Lord.”

I understood that I have no right to decline. Everyone is so forceful.

“Huh? Are you not going to succeed your household, Michuu-san?”

Since Mitchell-san’s innocence was proven, not only their territories should be returned to them, but also their noble status.

“Ah~ the one to succeed the household will be probably Cidar, so… that’s why.”

“Ah, don’t mind the honorifics. Speak comfortably.”

“Ou. Those with Green Thumbs succeed in our family. I intend to continue working for Leor.”

“Is that so?”

Mitchell-san does have Green Thumb, too. Moreover, it seems that Cidar-kun is the youngest possessor of said Revelation.
While talking about him, Cidar-kun himself came.

“Cidar-kun, you look wonderful…!”


Cidar-kun was dressed like the son of a noble, and it looked good on him. Seeing him like that, you could tell that he was well-bred. Seeing Cidar-kun dressed like this, Milfi immediately swooned. Cidar-kun and I supported her at the same time.

“Are you okay?”

He peeked at her face and she stiffened. Cidar-kun, that is probably counterproductive.

“Hi, hiyaah.”

Milfi bit her tongue and bit her tongue again. She couldn’t talk.

“I have something to talk about with her, so I will borrow her for a little. Milfilia, come with me.”


“Yeyeyeyeye, yess!”

Ohh, what a splendid escort! Milfi is having a hard time. She cannot walk straight. Well… I understand her feelings. Being escorted by the person you love that came dressed in a formal dress is a maiden’s dream!

“Ohh… spring has visited my little brother…”

“That’s right. By the way, that young lady is the daughter of Christia’s Duke.”

“Seriously? The difference in their social statuses…”

“Don’t say that. The heir of Milfi’s… her household is her little brother, and her parents married out of love, too.”

“I see. He seems to be madly in love too, so I hope things will go smoothly for them.”

“… He’s madly in love?”

It’s easy to see that Milfi is madly in love, but Cidar-kun seems relatively normal to me.

“Well, men are complicated. When he saw Milfi-chan, was it? His face blushed faintly… well, he’s around the age he wants to look cool. He’s definitely deeply in love.”

“Is that so?”

“I feel so too.”

Dirk agreed.

“Hmm… you also think that way, Dirk?”

“Well… of course I want to look cool in front of you, Rosarin.”

“I think you are cool enough even if you don’t try to act cool, Dirk.”


Dirk bit the bait. Eh? What? Is it not already common sense that Dirk is cool?

“Yeah. You are super cool. Sometimes, you are so cool it makes me feel dizzy.”

“Rosarin… I’m happy to hear that.”

I got embraced. His tail was swaying in a good mood too, so he is quite happy about it.

“Ehh? You are manly and super cool, you know? Does telling you this make you that happy?”

“You always call me cute, so it does make me happy.”

Yeah, you are cute, too. I certainly often tell him that he’s cute.

“I want you to call me cool. Because I love you.”

Telling me this at point-blank range is a foul play! Stop whispering near my eeear!! I will die! I will die from a heart attack!

“… I don’t say that you are cool often because I feel it would make me look like I love you too much… the truth is that I always think you are cool.”


Don’t rub your cheeks against me! I will die! Uaah, happiness!
Ah, Leor-san and others retreated with wry smiles on their faces! Sorry! Let’s apologize later.

I don’t want to separate from this happiness! Dirk’s scent… let’s rub against him, too!

“They are lovey-dovnya~”
“They get along sho wellnya~”

My sanity returned with the words of the pipsqueaks. S, so embarrassing!
W, well, we celebrated our victory like this.

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