Chapter 231

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Milfi’s decision.
Milfilia’s Point of View
I was led by Cidar-kun who was dressed in formal clothes to a garden.

“… Sorry, please hide us.”

The trees rustled and moved as if to hide us.


“… Actually, I have been hearing plants since then.”

“Is that perhaps my fault?”


The wryly smiling Cidar-kun was too cool for me, just what am I supposed to do?

“Are you troubled because of it?”

“I’m not. I can block it off easily, so it’s not a problem.”

Cidar-kun smiled softly. He then spoke to me as if he made up his resolve.

“Milfilia, I…—”Cidar-kun, I love you!”

Thinking that victory goes to the one who makes the first move, I embraced Cidar-kun.

“I love you! Only you! Y, you are my first love!”


“I, I want to be with you all the time, I want to kiss you lots, erm… I love you!”

It was an uncool confession, but I think I said what I needed to say. I couldn’t look at Cidar-kun because I was afraid of his reaction. I rested my face on his shoulder.

“Why are you like this…”

Cidar-kun let out a sigh. His hand that stroked my hair was very gentle.

“I was trying to tell you my feelings, though. I love you, Milfilia.”


I raised my face reflexively. I was happy but my tears were overflowing.

“Don’t cry. But I don’t think I can go on like this. So I want you to forget about it for now. When I become a good enough man to match you… I will properly say it one more time, so won’t you please wait for me?”

Cidar-kun is wonderful. He has no need to change. The past me wouldn’t be able to say it, but…

“No way!”

I hit Cidar-kun’s chest. Really uncool. I’m acting like a child.

“I love the current you! I don’t want you to change! I don’t want to keep waiting like a princess ! If you want to change then do it with me! Don’t part with me! If, if you really love me, then… then don’t part with me for life!”

What a heavy affection. But Cidar-kun laughed softly.

“Ah~ I’m no match for you. You are too cool, Milfilia.”

He patted my head.

“I find myself really uncool. I have no composure… I don’t want to part with you, Cidar-kun… I’m sorry for being selfish like a little child.”

My face changed colors and I averted my gaze.

“Hm? Hmm… No, it’s because I didn’t consider your feelings well enough, right? It’s different from selfishness. Let’s figure out how we can be together then. Together.”

Cidar-kun is too wonderful. He’s gentle and looking out for me.

“… Yes! I will be in your care from now on forever!”


Cidar-kun kissed me on the cheek! While feeling flustered, I pulled on his sleeves and closed my eyes. I felt shameful yet expecting at the same time. Smooch, our lips touched for just a moment.

That was my real, first kiss.

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