Chapter 232

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Want to be spoiled, want to put you to sleep.
Milfi and Cidar-kun returned. How do I say this, the atmosphere around them was like strawberry condensed milk. A bittersweet springtime of life. Is it only my feeling that the sweetness was going up?

(Did it go well?)

My voice reached only her via magic. Milfi looked at me and happily linked her arms with Cidar-kun while showing a peace sign. Umu, let’s have a girls’ only celebration next time!



Well, I was sharing a room with Dirk. I have been busy lately, so Dirk has been my stopper, making me sleep for exactly five hours. When it was time for bed, Dirk (Beastified) would take me in his arms and force me to sleep.
It was supreme softness, high body temperature, and assault of Dirk’s patting… Before I knew it, it was morning. It’s a great luxury when you think about it. I was so sleepy that I hadn’t noticed, but I should have enjoyed it more!

That’s why I’m going to do what Dirk wants the next time! I thought to myself.



“Rosawin~ hug~”

When I arrived at the guest room, what greeted me was a drunk Dirk.

“Okay, hug~”

“Ehehe, luv yu~ Rosawin is all mine now~”

“Yeah. I’m all yours. What do you want to do?”

“N~ pat me?”

So cute. Cunningly cute. The way he wrapped his arms around my waist and nodded his head in a sweet way… it makes me wanna squeal.

“Ufufu, you are such a spoiled child, Dirk.”

“Yeah. Achtually~ I wanna monopolise you even more and spoil you lots.”


“You see, I was enduwing. You were busy so I didn’t give any kisses or cuddles, and had to put you to shleep, but… I… endured all this taime.”

He started crying, though… eehhhhh!? No, I get it! My partner is drunk! But, but… Dirk waited dejectedly as I endured the urge to spoil him………






No, well. I don’t want to make Dirk sad, nor do I want to play a game of cat and mouse. This wasn’t my intention, but his pitiful self was so adorable too!
I returned his hug and kissed him.

“Ufufu, hug~”

“Myuun… purr, purr…”

When I rubbed against his cheek, Dirk acted all spoiled. This is my reward, I see! I also worked hard, after all!

“So happy… your ears are so soft and fluffy…”

“Myuu… fufu, it tickles~”

When I play-bit Dirk’s ears, he giggled cutely. This expression, I love it. Dirk began to laugh often.

“Rosawin, you shee, I was lonely but also happy~”


“Because, you, who doesn’t let me spoil you often, entrusted your body to me under my patting.”

“… Yeah.”


“And you know, you are so sweet when you sleep… when you slept-talked about how you luv me… you were so cute…”

“……… For real?”

Ahh, I have some recollection of that. I did that.
I got embarrassed and rolled over the bed, ending up on top of Dirk.

“Am I not heavy?”

“Nah. Should I Beastify?”

“… Either is fine. Since it’s you.”

“Rosawin… I luv yu………”

Dirk fell asleep. And I, who was next to him, was in agony.

“Just what am I supposed to do with this urge I’m having now…”

However, my partner was sleeping peacefully.

“I want to die from shame…”

I wonder if this is what Dirk felt like. I don’t want to wake him up, but I want to spoil him more. No, I would be troubled if he woke up now. I would die from shame!

“Dirk… I love you.”

The words that I spilled with a kiss, which no one was supposed to hear, were heard loud and clear.

“Yeah, I luv yu too…”


Dirk quickly captured me and held me with the blanket over my head.
I can’t move! Eh? You are telling me to sleep!? Ah, hey! If you pat me like that………


Being patted by Dirk, I fell asleep before long.





I felt a bright light. Maybe it’s morning. Who is mumbling, is it Dirk? I listened carefully to the mumbling.

“What a failure… I shouldn’t have thought of easily building momentum with alcohol… t, to be spoiled by Rosarin like that… I’m happy that Rosarin was happy about it too, but she told me I was cool just yesterday…”

N? I remember yesterday. Come to think of it, it’s rare for Dirk to get drunk. I wasn’t able to pay too much attention to Dirk recently, so he wanted to be pampered as much as he could last night, and he used alcohol to gain momentum.


A fidgety Dirk on bed is also… cute.



His ears and tail shot straight up. Did I startle him?

“Morning. Hug me?”

I faced Dirk and extended my arms towards him. Dirk hugged me right away.

“Good morning, Rosarin. S, sorry for yesterday.”

“Eh? I was happy about it. Thank you for enduring and waiting. I’m happy that I could spoil you. I love you, Dirk.”

“………… Yeah.”

We flirted for a bit then got up. Occasionally being spoiled or spoiling the other is good, isn’t it!

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