Chapter 233.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Plant nerds and Green Thumb.
When I left the room after flirting with Dirk for a while, I heard someone shouting.

“T, this is terrible! Saintess-sama, you are here so… Your Elder brotheeer!”

“Don’t talk about others as if they are troublemakers please!”

We didn’t do that much in Wolfanea… I think.

I looked out the window and found out why. It was huge vegetables. And it was the type that had combat abilities. Also, what is that… moss? Is it moss? A fluffy, round lump that looked like a marimo… it looked cute, I guess?
At any rate, unlike before, they don’t seem to attack indiscriminately, but… oh, a knight who tried attacking them was beaten to a pulp. They made it so that it fights back.

“What to do…”

My head is getting perplexed since early in the morning. Come to think of it, yesterday I was so preoccupied with Dirk that I left the plant nerds alone and went to sleep. Plant nerds were dangerous. Yeah, I knew that! Three of them means that they were three times as dangerous! And Mitchell-san has a Green Thumb, too. I shouldn’t have left them alone…

“Oh my… Rosary, what do we do about this?”

Hearing the commotion, Cidar-kun and Milfi came over as well.

“I have no doubts that my Elder brother was involved, so I’m going to do something about it.”

That said, I can’t think of a solution right away. As the cogs in my head were turning, Cidar-kun spoke up.

“I will handle it. I can probably do it. Milfilia, can I get your Revelation?”

“Y, yes! Awakening Touch.”

Milfi tiptoed and kissed Cidar-kun’s cheek.

“Eh~ not on the lips?”

“Eh, t, that… is embarrassing… b, but a kiss on the lips is certainly more effective, should I do it over?”

Milfi peeked at Cidar-kun while fidgeting.

“No, it’s enough. Rosarin, stop teasing Milfilia.”

Cidar-kun was covering his lip, he seemed to be embarrassed.

“Then, I will be going.”

Cidar-kun jumped out of the window. As I was wondering what he was going to do, I saw him approaching the vegetables and speaking to them.

“Sorry, this must be my old man’s and Ru’s doing, right? Please return.”

The vegetables obeyed Cidar-kun, and spit out their magical power and turned back to normal vegetables.



“How strange.”

“They deflated? What happened?”

The three culprits and foolish nerds appeared. Cidar-kun smiled. The cold air around him was amazing.

“Stop troubling other peopleeee!! All of you, sit down! You better sit down in seiza you foools!!”

And so, the three nerds were made to seiza on the ground.

“U, umm… I feel a bit sorry for them…”

“Rosarin, you sit down too.”


“Sit down.”

I couldn’t oppose him. Cidar-kun’s eyes could kill people. No, rather, this is………… mom! The aura of an elderly mom! I will definitely be scolded if I say something, so I’m going to keep quiet!!

“Rosarin, listen well, alright? If you don’t scold these research fools properly, they are going to repeat their mistakes. If you don’t show them their place, they are going to do it again.”

“Y, yes! I was too naive.”

“You can stand up.”

“Yess! I’m sorryyy!”

“Cidar-kun… so cool.”

Milfi was too charmed to comfort me, but Dirk held me until the numbness in my leg went away. Well, when she came to her senses, Milfi comforted me too.

“Old man, Ru, and… who are you?”

“I am a botanist, the name’s Diesel.”

“Diesel-san, huh. I will let you guys choose. Do you want to be banned from research or do you want to submit your plans to me in advance? By the way, if you don’t submit your plans in advance, I will ask Wolfanea, Christia, and every other plant in the world to stop cooperating with you.”

“””I’m sorryyy!”””

Cidar-kun seemed to have increased his power to interfere with plants due to Milfi’s Revelation. The three of them got down on their knees splendidly. Their legs were numb, and they were dizzy, but they went around apologizing to everyone in the royal palace.

Incidentally, the reason why the vegetables became huge was because of the nutritional supplements that Mitchell-san developed while he was imprisoned, my Elder brother and Mitchell-san’s Revelation, and Diesel-san’s advice. It was an Evil combo.
In addition, the Marimo-like thing was indeed a moss. It seems that Michell-san was growing moss because he was bored in prison, and as a result of pouring magical power into it, a moss with a will was born. What the hell were you thinking, old man!?

The type of vegetable with combat abilities was appreciated as a training tool for the soldiers, but needless to say, the three guys who had a smug look on their faces were scolded by Cidar-kun.

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