Chapter 233.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Plant nerds and Green Thumb.
“Cidar-kun, please take care of my Elder brother and them.”

I prostrated myself on the ground.

“… Stop it. Anyhow, my Old man is involved, so I will do something about it. And I owe you one too, after all.”

“Cidar-kun, you are so manly!”

“Don’t tease me.”

My head got chopped. He was… considerate!? What a feminist! Elder brother would chop me with all of his might, you know!?

“I really do think that you are a hunk, Cidar-kun.”

When I replied with a serious expression on my face, Milfi and Dirk’s faces changed as if the world ended. Why.

“Ro, Rosary, do you perhaps…?”

“You are wrong. My strike is Dirk. My beloved and My Darling is Dirk only. Dirk has been the only one since we met. Cheating is impossible. I only praised him as a friend.”

The two were obviously relieved.

“Besides, Cidar-kun prefers pure girls like you, Mil—”Wait! How do you know that!?”

“……… That’s why he wouldn’t take fancy to someone with a villainess face like me.”

“Don’t ignore me! Who told you!?”

“Cidar-kun, there are things in this world that are better left unknown. Niisama, since you have gathered so many people, why don’t you try working on that amusing fruit that didn’t work for you the last time? It could become a new specialty product of Wolfanea.”

“Amusing fruit?”

“It’s a fruit that tastes different than it looks, for example, it might look like a strawberry, but taste like an orange instead.”

The nerds set a new goal and ran away.

“Aren’t you good at managing them too, Rosarin? It looks like they are going to be obedient for a while.”

“Ahaha, even so~”

While having such conversation, Dirk embraced me.


“… Milfilia?”


Cidar-kun was embraced by Milfi, too.

“P, please get along with me, too! You only focus on Rosary… well, she’s cute and beautiful, smart, and kindhearted… and abnormally strong.”

“Yeah, the last one wasn’t a praise!”

“But, I am your lo-lover, so please fo-fo-focus on me!”

“Got it. Wanna go on a date?”

“A date?”


“I want! I want to go!”

“I’m happy for you, Milfi…”

I was lifted in Dirk’s arms in the meanwhile

“Ah, Rosary… that, sorry… I got jealous of you…”

“It’s fine, I also shoot out jealousy fire when big breasted ladies talk with Dirk, so I understand your feelings.”


“Milfilia, let’s go.”

“Tell me your impressions of the first date later.”


Milfi went on a date with Cidar-kun with a radiant smile on her face. And, My Darling was still holding me.


“I got jealous too. C, care for me.”

Dirk looked away with his cheeks dyed red. Is he an angel? He must be!

“Understood. I will care for you with all I have!”

After that, I cared for Dirk with all my might as I declared, and got cautioned by Elder brother warned about it later. I think I overdid it, but Dirk was just too cute.

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