Chapter 234

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Let’s go pick him up!
After breakfast, we went over everyone’s plans for the day ahead.
Milfi is going to have a date with Cidar-kun today and then go home to convince her parents about her engagement.

“I think His Majesty might be reaching his limit soon, so we should return, too.”

Curtis nodded to Alphage-sama’s words.

“Alphage usually works a lot. His Majesty the King might be in tears by now. I bet he gave his agreement without knowing how much workload Alphage has.”

“Well, it gets troublesome when too much work accumulates. Miss Rosarin, it was quite a fun experience. It was a very worthwhile holiday. I will be returning, but what about you, Aldin? You can play some more if you want.”

“I want to help you, Elder brother. I cannot play around while you are working so hard.”

How dazzling. Alphage-sama probably felt the same. He averted his gaze.

“… Alright. I will work you hard without holding back then.”

“Yes! Thank you so much! I will do my best!”

“……… Yeah.”

Saying mean things doesn’t seem to work on Aldin-sama. Well, it just ended with Alphage-sama getting bashful.

“What are you going to do, Miss Rosarin?”

“I plan on seeing Kanata-san… a Beneficiary.”

“I see. Let me know if something happens. I will assist you.”


“I will help you out, too!”

“Thank you very much.”

After sending the kind princes back to the castle, we had a big strategy meeting with Shushu-san to welcome Kanata-san.

“It would be troublesome if we pass by each other.”

“I’m certain this is the route he will take, there are multiple routes to take…”

Shushu-san and I unfolded the map and formulated a strategy while predicting the route Kanata-san would take.

“Why is it Dirk-sama? Why does it feel like the ladies were planning a hunt?”

“… Yeah. Rosarin, you cannot hurt Kanata-san.”

“I won’t make a blunder like that.”

I laughed.

“I got it! Let’s make it a very cheesy welcome!”

“”Why don’t you make it normal!?””

I pretended not to have heard the cries of the two sensible people.

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