Chapter 230.1

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Victory celebration – continuation.
While we were pouring our love onto Milfi, a stunned Aldin-sama and Alpage-sama with a bitter smile came over.

“Rosarin, Miss Milfilia is troubled.”

“It’s fine! She won’t dislike me just from troubling her!”

“……… Thank you for your consideration.”

“That’s right, Aldin. Someway or another, Miss Milfilia is Miss Rosarin’s best friend, after all. You really do get along, don’t you?”

“My intention is to be good friends with you Aldin-sama and Alphage-sama too, you know?”

I trust them so much it wouldn’t be strange to call them my very close friends, right?

“I see! I also think of you as a precious, close childhood friend, Rosarin!”

Aldin-sama was obviously happy. He was sparkling.

“………… I see.”

Alphage-sama let out a single word. He’s unexpectedly a shy person. There really is a difference in reaction between siblings.

“… Hmm. Cute.”


Ah, Shushu-san was sparkling, too.

“Ohh, today is a good day! To think there would be so many cute people here!”


“Me too!?”


“Eh? Wait!?”

All of us, including me, were embraced by Shushu-san. Ah, Dirk and Andre-san were safe. I was impressed when Alphage-sama turned bright red and desperately kept asking Curtis for help with tears in his eyes. Curtis was laughing while helping him out. And then, Alphage-sama escaped.
On the other hand, Aldin-sama became good friends with Shushu-san. Looking carefully, he resembles her more than he resembles Alphage-sama. They both have blonde hair and a smile like the Sun.

“… You look like siblings when standing next to each other.”

If Aldin-sama had ears and tail, people would definitely mistake them for siblings.

“… Elder sister?”

“…!? Lil’ bro!”

Ah, Shushu-san was super happy about that. She ended up embracing Aldin-sama again.

“… Shushu-san, Aldin-sama is Christia’s Crown Prince.”

“Is that so! I thought you were refined, but you were the Crown Prince! As expected of my Lil’ bro!”


“… I’m telling you he can’t be your little brother. And stop patting his head.”

Well, they get along well, don’t they?

“”I don’t really mind?””

Shushu-san and Aldin-sama reply overlapped. They are getting even more similar! In various ways! Well, if both parties don’t mind then who am I to oppose. Aldin-sama certainly doesn’t seem to mind.




“… What are you doing?”

Two Wolfanean royals came over. Jess was smiling wryly. And Judas-sama, who looked sincerely curious. On the other side, His Majesty was devouring his meal. He must have been really hungry?

“Ohh, Judas-sama, I am pampering my Lil’ bro.

“……… Miss Shushulina, if I’m not mistaken then this youth is Christia’s Crown Prince, no?”

“Umu. Would you like to join us in the siblings game, Jutiess-sama?”

“………… I will refrain myself.”

Jess’ reaction seemed to come with a headache. Thank you for your hard work. On the other hand, Judas-sama was grinning.

“I’m glad you get along above all.”

“Yes. Elder sister’s stories are very useful, and I would like to get along well in the future, too.”

“Lil’ bro!”

We had a serious conversation earlier. Shushu-san might be a natural airhead, but she’s capable in her work, so her talking politics was also quite interesting. Aldin-sama got completely attached to her.

“… I’m sorry about Ojou… I will speak to her later, veeery carefully.”

“… You also have it difficult…”

The two hard-working people also seemed to be on good terms.

“Well, why don’t you have some delicious meal to cheer up.”

Anyhow, I decided to comfort them first. Andre-san kept repeating how delicious the food was.

“By the way, Kanata will be returning home soon. I would like you to meet him if possible, Rosarin-chan.”

“Ohh.. definitely! Or rather, should we go pick him up?”

“Good idea!”

We will discuss the matter of welcoming Kanata-san tomorrow. I have stocked up on octopus and I’m looking forward to finally meeting him.

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