Chapter 229.2

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Victory celebration.

An eye for an eye! A nerd for a nerd! After confirming that my Elder brother was heading to me after being called, I quietly handed the materials for the cultivation experiment to Mitchell-san.

“My Elder brother is the main organizer of the experiment. I’m like a sponsor, so please ask him for details. Niisama, come over here please!”


“Mitchell-san apparently has an interest in the cultivation experiment. Would you like to call Diesel-san too?”

“Yeah! Sensei, please let me tell you about this!”

After Diesel-san joined them, the plant nerds were happily conversing. If handled poorly, they will destroy their sleeping hours, so I guess I will have to check on them later.


Milfi was talking to Shushu-san. Shushu-san is a Duchess… she’s someone Milfi aspires to become. I’m sure they will hit it off. When my eyes met Shushu-san’s, she came with Mifli to me.

“Hey, my Lord. I’m glad to see you are well.”

“Shushu-san, we are friends before a lord and retainer, so I would like you to address me as before.”

Shushu-san laughed softly. Today, Oscar-sama is still a handsome woman. She’s not wearing a dress but male clothing, and it suits her very much.

“Oh, but of course! Excuse me! However, what a cute and smart miss Milfilia-chan is! As expected of your best friend, Rosarin-chan!”


Milfi was surprised when she was suddenly brought into the conversation.

“Right! Oh my, how expected of you, Shushu-san! To think you would instantly understand Milfi’s good points!”

“Umu. Milfilia-chan, would you be willing to be my friend as well?”

“Eh, ah, y, yes… gladly…”

Milfi replied nervously with her face bright red. Today, she was wearing a lovely pure white dress with ribbons of pink accents. A flustered beauty is justice!

“”So cutee~!””

Shushu-san and I sandwiched Milfi while admiring her. My best friend is seriously an angel!

“Kyaa!? Stop, it tickles!”

“Oh my, how lovely!”


“Mifli, you are so cutecutecutee! Way too cute!”

“G, geez! You are also cute and beautiful, and Shushulina-sama is pretty and cool!”

We hugged Milfi and rubbed our cheeks against hers, but we stopped moving at once.

“Did you hear that, Shushu-san? I’m cute and beautiful.”

“Umu. I heard it loud and clear, Rosarin-chan. I am apparently pretty and cool.”

We grinned at each other.

“We got praised, didn’t we?”

“Yeah. That we did.”

Shushu-san and I made eye contact. Oh my, Shushu-san and I really think alike, don’t we!

“Milfi’s pink blonde hair is fluffy like cotton candy, it’s so silky and beautiful.”


“Umu. Moreover, it’s not only your outward appearance that is lovely, but you are lovely on the inside as well.”


“Moreover, that brave and diligent side of yours! You are like a single flower that blooms in a dirty world! You are a water lily that blooms beautifully even in the mud!”

“Umu… a water lily… that’s perfect for the dainty and dignified Milfilia-chan! Milfilia-chan, please call me Shushu!”

“Auuu… Shushu. -sama?”

Milfi tilted her head bashfully.

“”So adorable~!!””


Milfi turned into a sandwich ingredient again. My best friend, Milfi, is a real angel! Cuteness is justice!

“She’s troubled so please stop it Ojou and Saintess-sama… Ojou, you really like cute things don’t you…”

“Well, Miss Milfilia is someone who speaks up when she doesn’t like something, so…”

I pretended not to hear Andre, who was still a snake but had eyes of a dead fish, and Dirk, who was smiling bitterly and continued to pour love onto Milfi with Shushu-san to the fullest.

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