Chapter 229.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Victory celebration.
The trial has ended and Mitchell-san has been pronounced innocent.


“Michuu, Cidar… I’m so sorry you had to go through all that…”

Michuu-san and Cidar-kun hugged Mitchell-san. Then, a touching scene…

“”Dad you stink!””

Didn’t happen. Indeed, if an imprisoned man smelled of a floral soap, you would be questioning whether he was imprisoned at all instead. Ah, Mitchell-san curled up in a ball. But he certainly did smell bad, so I purified him with magic.

“Now then, everyone! We won the lawsuit! Not guilty! It was a complete victory! That being the case, let’s celebrate our victory!!”




I had made preparations and prepped the feast in advance. Let’s have a party with all the people who contributed to this case!! By the way, we were able to rent the castle for the party.

His Majesty the King, Jess, Judas-sama, the Dukes of the east and west, and Grandfather’s family. The pipsqueaks came too. For a little bit!
By the way, I was helped with the gathering of information for the dark history case file. When you don’t have much time, you have to use all kinds of resources!


The pipsqueaks Beastified and started to play with me. Cutee… alright, alright, I’m going to mofu you! T, this is what happiness looks like…

“Purr, purr…”

My brother looked at me and the pipsqueaks with a subtle expression on his face. I’m sorry for being a disappointing sister.

“Rosarin Onee~chan, we wanna get patted too~”

What! Even Cidar-kun’s siblings! By the way, the youngest are three and four years old. Is this a mofu harem or something!? It must be a reward for me who worked so hard, right!?

“Onee~chan, candies?”

You guys, do you see me as a candy provider? I want to service you if you let me mofu you, but we will be having a meal soon.

“We will have a delicious meal soon. I will give you candies after the meal.”




T, there’s some kind of… smooth mofu at my feet? Dirk-san, why do you look so despairing? When our eyes met, he sulked. What? You are adorable.

“Are you Omochi?”
“You are wrong! It’s yakimochi (jealous)!”
“That’s right! Onii~chan loves Onee~chan, so he wants to get spoiled! I mean, he is always staring at Onee~chan! That’s why he dislikes it when Onee~chan gets along with others!”

You pipsqueaks… there’s no way that’s… or rather, as expected of a girl. She’s so proper at just four years old. But it must be just her imagination that Dirk is always staring at me. When I looked at Dirk, he crouched and hid his face between his knees. Eh? Bullseye?
Looking back… I have been too busy recently, so I couldn’t be with Dirk much. Eh? No way… for him to even get jealous of the pipsqueaks…………

“Eh!? Wait!?”

“Ahh… how wonderful… what are you planning by making my heart throb for you even faster!? I love you so much it hurts!!”



When I was about to kiss him from the emotions I felt, Elder brother stopped me. Oh right, we were in front of people.

“Leave that for when you are alone.”


I didn’t want Dirk to get jealous of the pipsqueaks again, so I asked them to play with Valkyrie. Valkyrie seems to be (probably) enjoying herself.
By the way, Dirk’s cuteness is brutal. I promised myself that I would definitely hug, kiss and mofu him all night long.



The food was served in a standing buffet-style. While I was leisurely eating a meal with Dirk, Mitchell-san came over.

“Rosarin-san, thank you very much… I can’t thank you enough.”

Mitchell-san lowered his head. He was now a clean-shaven and well-groomed Wolfanean man. He was more muscular than Dirk and with a wild handsomeness. Not my type, but the type that I, believe, would be popular with women. His wife was slender, most likely from the illness, and calm beauty. Cidar-kun took after his mother.

“Truly… thank you so much.”

Cidar-kun’s mom started crying.

“Ermm… I think it was possible only because everyone gathered here cooperated. Besides, we are getting a considerable benefit out of this too. Don’t mind it. Rather than that, I feel sorry for disturbing your family reunion.”

“No, we will be together for a long time to come after this. By the way, regarding Cidar’s contract for the cultivation experiment…”

Ah, this is no good. His eyes were sparkling. His eyes were the same as my Elder brother’s when he wanted to do a plant-talk endurance race.

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