Chapter 228.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The mastermind lady shows her true power.
“I, I didn’t do anything…”

“… Yes, you didn’t do anything to me.”


“However, you have set up my friend’s father, seized his territory and imprisoned him for three years. You caused my friend’s family financial distress, and stole money from people with ill relatives. Doesn’t what I did to you seem cute in comparison to what you have done to those people?”

This plan was not opposed by my conscience, not even by Dirk. That’s what I’m talking about.

“Mitchell-san said you were his friend, you know? Even after he realized that you set him up.”

“… Rosarin-san, that’s…”

That’s enough. Mitchell-san said. However, I am not satisfied!

“I refuse!”


“Stop joking, Mitchell-san! There’s no way I could forgive him for this, right! I will make him wish for death for baring his fangs against my best friend, Milfi! I will make him regret to his last breath! I will never forgive those who mess with my family!”

I won’t accept a retaliation that I made her bait myself either! We had no choice! Really!

And so I took out a certain file. Its name was “The Case File of Count Marsh’s Dark History.”
The contents were everything from his past that he wanted to hide! From the failure stories of his childhood, to his depressing youth period of being compared to Mitchell-san, and even about his memories when the woman he loved fell in love with Mitchell-san. There was even a small poem he made for her in his adolescence! It was fully loaded with his dark history!

“It’s wonderful. It pierced him right through the heart.”

“As expected of Rosarin…”

“Oh my, you even prepared something like this?”

Alphage-sama, Elder brother, and Milfi voiced their admiration. I worked hard! I even destroyed my sleeping schedule for this! Mitchell-san had a distant look on his face. While putting this case file together, I realized that Mitchell-san was a wall that Count Marsh couldn’t cross. They are close in age, so they were often compared… his severe inferiority complex got warped over the years, I guess?

“U… ugh… I won’t forgive you…”

Ah, Count Marsh finally started weeping. He was burning with anger, and glaring at me with loathing.

“W, whoahh!?”

Suddenly, the Evil influence flew out from Judas-sama and entered Count Marsh. Was it attracted by hatred? Perhaps it was because he was mentally torn apart, but the Evil turned Count Marsh into a rat demon.

“Milfi, Revelation!”

“Yes! Awakening Touch!”


Milfi kissed the back of my hand. Power instantly overflowed from my body. I changed into a white knight costume with my engagement ring. Then, the other ring turned into knuckles and I assaulted Count Marsh.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!”


By the way, I had Chita bestow the ring a holy attribute. The effect was perfect! I turned Count Marsh into a punching bag. I don’t feel like losing!

“These hands of mine shine and burn! They roar and scream for the enemy to fall!”

I focused magical power into the knuckles. The magical power of the knuckles was then converted into holy attributes and became a golden flame. It’s as if the knuckles were on fire.

“Explosive heat! Golden Wave of Unnamed Star, Golden Hamster!!”

The name of the technique was super random because the opponent was a rat, but the effect was perfect, and Count Marsh was cleansed clean.
I went to Judas-sama to make sure he was okay, but the Evil had apparently gone back into hiding. It hates me like a caterpillar. I pushed it to its limits with the curse of Kabaddi. I also gave Judas-sama a charm (read: threat) telling the Evil not to come out of hiding again or I would beat it up if it did.

“W, why do you all look at me like that…”

Count Marsh seemed to have been cleansed after I defeated the demon, and was just crying.
He was also tattered because I beat him up badly.

“Stop behaving like a child! You have a complex! You have brought this upon yourself! You should have worked harder to be as good as Mitchell-san, or improved on your other strengths! It’s because of your selfish sense of inferiority that you brought others down with you!”

I took a deep breath. This is something you should tell yourself and the people around you.

“Count Marsh, you have insulted all of the nobility. You have done what a noble should not have done. If you are a noble, you must fulfill your duties. You must be strict with yourself because of your power, and you must serve your country… your people because of your privilege. Can you really be proud of yourself as a noble in areas other than your bloodline?”


Count Marsh’s eyes widened at my words. The place was quiet as if the ruckus of earlier had been a lie.

Michell-san approached Count Marsh slowly and spoke calmly to him.

“… I have always envied you, Meekil. You were sociable and even I followed you around. I didn’t know that I was tormenting you. I’m sorry.”

“Ah… ah… aaaaaaaaahhh!!”

He finally seemed to regret his sins and cried out in a sad voice.

The presiding judge acted. His voice came through loud and clear.

“I pronounce the verdict! Mitchell Rattle is innocent! Count Marsh and his accomplices, the nobles, will be arrested as the true culprits, and will be judged at a later date!”

 Thus ended the trial. Accomplice nobles? Of course, we punished them. How is a secret, but let’s just say that Dirk stopped me halfway.
After that, the Wolfanean nobles who saw my series of punishments to Count Marsh and other nobles, had apparently made a mental note of, “Rosarin Rosenberg must never be offended. We must never lay our hands on her relatives.”

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