Chapter 228.1

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The mastermind lady shows her true power.
After a 30 minute break, I was also on standby. The stage was now prepared. All that’s left is to raise the curtains.

Count Marsh was in the witness box. He seemed to be quite exhausted. I guess he’s desperately trying to figure out how to escape. There’s no way out, though.

“Let the trial resume!”

The presiding judge declared.

“Wait a moment please! Th, there must be some kind of mistake! Count Marsh is a kindhearted man! This… Oniisama, you are horrible!”


“Stop it, come to your senses, Rosarin!”


The hero’s delayed entrance. Our Villainess hero Milfilia-sama entered the stage! Kya~ wonderful!

“Looks like I made it in time? I, Milfilia Laurel, denounce Count Marsh!”

The surroundings got instantly noisy.

“Silence! Silence! What do you mean?”

“I was scheduled to return to Christia before the others, but I was attacked by thugs on my way back. Count Marsh, they said you hired them to kill me.”

“I had nothing to do with it!”

“… Right… you couldn’t possibly know that I was to return on my own before everyone else.”

“… Surely not… I’m sorry, Milfilia. I spoke about it with Count Marsh. I told him that you were returning earlier.”

The gazes gathered on Count Marsh.

“Oh my! Then there’s no problem. You don’t know when to give up, Count Marsh! Why don’t you admit to your crimes already?”

“… If only, if only you weren’t here! You made everything go bad! If only you didn’t exiiiiiist!!”

The outraged Count Marsh attacked Milfy. Count Marsh was then blown away with a good sound of the harisen, spewing blood from his nose as he flew.

“Injustice!! What were you trying to do to my Milfi!!”


Yes, Milfy was just acting. I’m the mastermind! Alphage-sama and my Elder brother were laughing as Count Marsh got sent flying away. Moreover, my weapon of choice, the harisen (of course, it’s my transformed ring, so its power is amazing), was surreal.


My demeanor completely changed, surprising everyone around me and Count Marsh. It was a little earlier than I planned, but let’s spoil things!

“You would get caught even if Milfilia wasn’t here, you dumbo. You have fallen into my trap. I asked Milfilia to make herself look bad to incite hatred and anger so that I could gain your trust. You took the bait splendidly. Foolish fool.”

“Ha? Wha…!?”

“You shouldn’t have targeted Milfilia. It was a trap. I even told you about everything about her schedule.”


“By the way, one of the paddy fields was already reported to His Majesty. In order to make you let your guard down, I had Leor-san pretend he didn’t know anything so that I could play with you.”

“Ah… ah…”

“And then, and then, you spoke about evidence, but… Rabisha!”

“Yes, Master. Here it is.”

Our Ninja-maid brought me the documents. I held them up.

“Secret accounts~”

I tried to say it in the style of Doraemon. You recognize these, right? They are your secret accounts. Ah, his complexion turned white.

“This is Rabisha, my personal maid who is extremely talented. I had her infiltrate as your apprentice. Thank you, Rabisha, for your hard work undercover.”

“I have more good news for you, Master. The merchant had corroborated. Here is the report. This ledger is definitely authentic. I also found the contract for the assassination of Lady Milfilia and brought it to you.”


Count Marsh plucked his hair himself. Ahhahha.
The presiding judge nodded his head.

“… So you already had solid evidence? Why didn’t you produce it immediately?”

“To mess with him. It would have been boring to finish him off immediately, wouldn’t it? I wanted to torture him to feel the despair from betrayal.”

The presiding judge smiled and fell silent. Silence is golden, isn’t it? I’m going to ignore the fact that his face was a bit cramped.
Count Marsh grunted.

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