Chapter 227.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Here comes the trial!
Count Marsh stood in a witness box as a witness. That’s right. It starts here.

“Count Marsh. I ask you about the administration of the Blessing of the Saintess. Could it have been stolen?”

“… Yes. I have taken measures to prevent it, but it has been stolen.”

Yeah, he’s just trying to conceal his crimes as a theft. That’s not going to happen. I gave instructions to Alphage-sama.

“Your Honor, we will submit our own research on the flow of money.”

“… Mhm.”

“Do you understand? Obviously, the amount of money doesn’t match up.”

“In other words, you are saying there are other accomplices?”

The judge who was playing the role of the prosecutor, and got quite a bit in the role, spoke up. He was quite perceptive. It was smart of me to request a person with a good head on his shoulders.

“… I think it’s only natural to think that way.”

Alphage-sama laughed with a grin. You are enjoying this, aren’t you?

“So, can the defendant prove who the accomplice is?”

“… There is a curious coincidence, Your Honor. The nobles who sold the Blessing of the Saintess that were named were the same ones who were drinking with Mitchell-dono the night he was captured. However, there was one person who was not named.”

The prosecuting judge looked at Count Marsh. Alphage-sama grinned cheerfully.

“And if we change our perspective… their motive makes sense, too.”

“Change our perspective?”

“Yes, let’s think about it from another point of view. Who benefited from the Rattle family’s fall the most?”

Everyone looked at Count Marsh with a flabbergasted expression. Mm-hmm, secret technique! The art of not pointing out the culprit, but letting them figure it out on their own! It’s in!!

“I, I am unrelated to this!”

“My, oh my, we did not say it was you, though? That’s weird, isn’t it, Ru?”

“Indeed, Alphage-sama. You have only suggested the possibility that there is someone who would benefit from the loss of the Rattle family… or do you perhaps have an idea?”

As expected of Alphage-sama. What a nasty expression he has. Elder brother also spoke with sarcasm while smiling. This must be the worst tag team ever!


“… Count Marsh, the territories and fields managed by the Rattle family were managed by your distant relative after the imprisonment of Mitchell-dono, right?”

The presiding judge confirmed with Count Marsh.

“… Yes.”

“You have always wanted to manage the Blessing of the Saintess, haven’t you?”

“… Yes. However, I haven’t done anything! I’m also a victim!”

“Then why did you not report the damage?”

Elder brother inquired from Count Marsh.

“Y, you have seen that field yourself, haven’t you! Because I wanted to cover up the fact that the cultivation wasn’t going well!”

That makes sense. Rather than framing the Rattle family and making them the main culprits of his diversion, he decided that hiding the fact that the cultivation wasn’t going well would be a lesser crime.
That’s not bad. But I’m not going to let him get away with it.

“Mhm. What do you think? Defendant’s side?”


Alphage-sama signaled. He’s taking a different approach, isn’t he? I also think that’s a good idea. When I conveyed my agreement, Alphage-sama made a proposal to the presiding judge.

“We believe that there is a possibility of an accomplice existing. Count Marsh says that he is not related to this matter. In that case, we request testimony from other suspects.”


“Hm, granted.”

“Count Marsh, you will be called again later, so please wait in the meanwhile.”

Count Marsh was pale. Of course he is. You can’t expect those nobles to protect you. And my prediction came true.

“W, we have been framed!”

“It was Count Marsh’s doing!”

“We were only asked to mediate by him!”

Ahhahha. Just as I expected. Alphage-sama was also chuckling. The nobles Count Marsh surrounded himself with, all pointed their fingers at him. My Elder brother was also dumbfounded.

“In the first place, he wanted us to help him set up the Rattle family because he wanted to manage the Blessings of the Saintess on hi—”Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!”

Count Marsh snapped. He can’t have them revealing that, right?

“You are trying to frame me! I’m innocent! Don’t drag me into this!”

It’s about time. The suspicion was starting to solidify. I asked my Elder brother to go with the proposal.

“… Presiding judge, please allow Count Marsh to testify.”

Count Marsh, who is now in the witness box again, looked exhausted. Mm, mhm, looks good. There’s still more to tell, though.

“Count Marsh, they say that you framed them. Why is that?”

“I am not involved in this matter. They did it of their own accord. I certainly had a drink with Mitchell, but I only listened to my Mitchell’s… my old friend’s complaints! I was close with the other nobles involved too, but they’re trying to blame me to lessen their own guilt! There’s no evidence that I was complicit in any of this!”

Yes, there is no evidence at this time. At this point, it’s just a suspicion. We are going to corner you even more!

“Then, what about the Archogi Company?”


Niisama is having too much fun~ He is very upset, isn’t he? Not only did he disgrace his beloved teacher, he also caused the Blessing of the Saintess to wither, after all.

“Your Honor, the defendant’s side nominates Mr. Archogi was a new witness.”

“… Mhm, permission granted.”

The Mr. Archogi? in the witness box was… Eh? Isn’t he too skinny? What? That’s the real deal?? He’s more haggard than skinny, isn’t he? Ra, Ravioli-saaan!?
I was confused. However, Archogi gave his testimony earnestly.

“I was complicit in the Mr. Rattle’s fabrication of false contract documents regarding the selling of the Blessings of the Saintess, and keeping the Rattle family under surveillance and in financial distress at the request of Count Marsh over there. I trusted the Count, but in the end, he falsified my documents and made me his pawn, too”

“Don’t utter such lies! I call nonsense!”

“Count Marsh, now is not the time for you to speak. Mr. Archogi, what is the reason for making the Rattle family’s financial distress?”

“Count Marsh could not grow the Blessing of the Saintess well. The second son and the youngest son of the Rattle family are Revelation possessors, so he must have intended to take them in and nurture them.”

“Lies! He speaks lies! He’s trying to frame me! Lies! Lies! Lieees!!”

The presiding judge let out a sigh.

“Count Marsh seems to be confused. We will take a short break and resume in half an hour!”

Fufufu, we have cornered him well. Milfi and I will be participating in the second half too! I’m so fired up!

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