Chapter 227.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Here comes the trial!
A trial in Wolfanea differs from a trial in Rin’s world in that the charges are read out loud and a presiding judge and a judge determine the guilt. However, there’s a condition that a person must admit to the crime. Mitchell-san’s trial had many puzzling points, and the two judges were unable to reach a verdict. The judge secretly told me later that they had deliberately postponed the verdict because of the possibility of a false conviction. Nice decision!

This time, my brother and Alphage-sama participated as defense attorneys. I explained the trial system of Rin’s world to the presiding judge and the judge beforehand, and this was the first time we tried it. So I made a big publicity stunt, and once again, the nobles of Wolfanea gathered in large numbers & royalty was present as well! Me? I’ll be there to support them with my earring-type magic tools from the spectator seats.

The judge will act as the prosecutor. The knights will be there instead of the police.

The judge read out his opening statement, and then the presiding judge spoke to Mitchell-san.

“Now then, offender Mitchell Rattle. You are accused of selling the Blessing of the Saintess through illegal channels. Is that correct?”


“However, we were unable to comprehend the flow of the money. Just what means did you use to do this?”

“… I…”

Mitchell-san glanced at me. I nodded at him. Go, it’s time for the counterattack!

“I was not selling the Blessing of the Saintess in the first place, so I think it’s only natural that you couldn’t investigate the flow of the money.”

The place fell got noisy.

“Quiet! Tell me, Mitchell. Why did you admit to the crime you did not commit?”

“… Because they threatened to kill my wife and children.”

The place got noisy again.

“Q, quiet! Why did you resort to telling the truth this time then?”

“That’s because the situation has changed. Mitchell-dono’s son has made a contract with us. He was our collaborator in the cultivation experiments in Wolfanea, and this is where we have learned of Mitchell-dono’s plight. At the moment, Mitchell-dono’s family is under the protection of my Rosenberg family.”

Elder brother informed. The presiding judge nodded.

“So now that your family’s safety is assured, you are ready to tell the truth?”

“By the way, we have heard some strange stories recently.”

Alphage-sama grinned. Wah, his smile is so dark.

“Some strange stories?”

“They speak of the Blessing of the Saintess as a cure for all kinds of diseases. If my memory doesn’t play tricks on me, then I’m certain that the Blessing of the Saintess does not have such effects. Moreover, it has been said that only royalty is able to eat it. No one should be aware of such an effect if it had one. I wonder why such misunderstanding was circulating around?”

“… Because the Blessing of the Saintess is used as a diet for the sick?”

His Majesty asked and Alphage-sama nodded.


“Of course there would be that, too. However, the information was being spread with distortions. It is highly possible that someone intentionally spread the information. Therefore, I investigated and found several nobles who seemed to have intentionally spread the information. I will submit the list to you.”

“… Mhm.”

“Furthermore, when my little sister held an event the other day to spread the deliciousness of the Blessing of the Saintess, there were people who wanted a share of it to take home. The defendant’s side would like to call those people as witnesses.”

“Alright, permission granted.”

The presiding judge’s face cramped. Because there were so many of them. One by one, they began to explain why they had asked for the Blessing of the Saintess. How much and from whom they had bought it. With tears in their eyes, they said that they knew it was a sin, but they were feeding the patients, clinging to the ray of hope.

The scribe was so desperate, I felt sorry for him. I couldn’t bear to see him go, so I asked Niisama to give him a helping hand.

“I had compiled their testimonies. I will submit it as evidence.”


Oh, the scribe was obviously relieved. I’m sorry, but if we don’t let them appeal, the guilt of the people who bought the Blessing of the Saintess might become even heavier. A live voice is better than a piece of paper, right?

“Please try to match the names on the list we submitted as evidence.”

“… This is… a perfect match! In other words, the culprits are the nobles on this list!”

Nono, I would be troubled if it ended here. I have worked this hard to catch the lizard in its entirety. I wouldn’t be so thorough if it was only for the tail.


Elder brother nodded when he heard my voice.

“Wait a moment please! Please read the testimony carefully. The timing is strange. There are people who received the Blessing of the Saintess right after Mitchell-dono’s imprisonment.”


“Therefore, I request Count Marsh’s testimony!”

“Mhm. Granted.”

Count Marsh must be sitting in the gallery. I have been talking to Alphage-sama while waiting for him to come up.

(We dragged him in well.)

(… The real battle starts now.)

(With your strategy, I believe I can beat that bastard to a pulp, Rosarin.)

(… I will try to live up to your expectations.)

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