Chapter 226

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Milfi’s first love.
Well then, tomorrow is the decisive battle… what should I do about the battle happening before me?

“Marry… no, please get engaged to me!”

“Milfilia, listen well okay? That was something akin to artificial respiration, right! It doesn’t count! In the first place, there’s no need for you to take responsibility! I should be the one taking responsibility!”

“No, that was a kiss on the lips! I, I… forced myself on you…”

You made her cry? Milfi sobbed. I glared at Cidar-kun. Cidar-kun was troubled.

“… What do you want me to do then? Should I just return the kiss?”

Milfi froze in place as Cidar-kun approached her. They were both red up to their ears. Chuu, he kissed her on the cheek.

“Think it over properly. It’s your first time, so think about it carefully and find a precious sweetheart.”

Cidar-kun escaped. It looks like he reached his limit. Milfi also sunk to the ground.



“I’m surely experiencing first love right now. I’m sure what I’m feeling is love.”


“… Thank you.”

“Now that’s decided, it’s time for a strategy meeting!”

We are having a strategy meeting in my guest room with a very excited Rabisha-chan. Tomorrow is the decisive battle against Count Marsh, but…oh well.

“I guess we will have to gather some information first. Rabisha-chan.”

“Leave it to me! I know about Cidar-kun’s family structure, favorite food, his preferred type of women—”Please tell me about his preferred type!”

“Fufufu, so you are curious about that… his type is a decisive but pure and sweet girl. What he hates, on the other hand, is the noisy and selfish types.”

Pure and sweet, huh… Milfi is right in Cidar-kun’s strike zone.

“… Fufu, we need to come up with a plan to shock Cidar-kun then.”

“Sounds good~”

While we were making a detailed plan for tomorrow, my sensible servant brought us a cup of tea.

“Here you go.”

Jash blurted out, “It’s just a bunch of girls around my age talking about love, but it’s like they are hunting or planning a military strategy…” under his nose.
Yeah, well, it’s all about trends and countermeasures, gathering information about the other person… so military strategy… I thought it was a little out of place with normal love talk!




The next morning, I dressed Milfi in a cute, neat, dainty dress and applied a bit of makeup. She was perfectly equipped!

“”I wish you good luck!””

“Yes, I will do my best!”

“…It looks like you are sending her off to a war.”

Jash, who had arrived before I knew it, muttered. Love is a battlefield for maidens, so it’s probably not wrong. Maybe.



“Ci, Cidar-kun!”

“N?………… You look cute, it suits you.”

It seems he took the bait. Nono, Milfi is always cute.

“T, thank you very much. That… Ci, Cidar-kun… when the things with Count Marsh are finished… I, I would like you to make some time to have a talk witsh mew.”

She bit her tongue.

You could tell from a distance that he thought he did something wrong as he seemed despairing.

“… Milfilia, I… right. I would like to talk with you too when everything’s over.”


If things went according to the plan, Milfi was supposed to make Cidar-kun nervous enough for him to confess, but on the contrary, this may have been for the best.
Now, it’s time to settle the score with Count Marsh! I will do my best to help Milfi achieve her love life!

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