Chapter 225.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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And to the legend… (lie)

A Dark Wolf King and Dark Wolf Queen appeared. These are probably the bosses!

“World Ending Cactibomb!!”

The magical power condensed in Sabo-san’s(?) wings, and fired a laser which defeated the Dark Wolf King. The chuunibyou-ness is not half-assed.
And the boy cactus becomes a legend.


Cidar-kun’s staff became Yggdrasil and strangled the Dark Wolf Queen in a moment. Wow.

“… Dirk, I feel that we didn’t have to come.”

“No, well… there are still some small fries left, we have to take care of those too, right?”


I was not convinced, but we cleaned up the leftovers. There were quite a lot of them, so my pouch flourished. Anyhow, let me say this.



How did it turn out like this!?


Martha and Jash were also fine, but their blood-splattered appearance freaked me out. Dirk seemed happy when I got scared. Why? Are you actually an S?

Jash gave me a sad look and handed me a whip made of branches. It was hastily made, but it looks like it would hurt if hit with it. It has barbs.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t complete your order, Ojousama. Please beat me with this whip until you are satisfied.”

Eehhh!? I have no hobby of sadism! So, somebody help me! When I was seeking help with my gaze, Martha who was smiling like bodhisattva stepped forward.

“… Ojousama.”

“I committed the same offense. Please hit me until you are satisfied as well.”

Martha, you too!?

“I won’t hit you! It can’t be helped! Everyone’s safe so all is fine!! Rather, you fought well while protecting others! I want to praise you!”


“I will definitely accomplish my next mission without any problems!”

“I won’t fail like this the next time.”

Martha, Jash… why are you two devoted to me this much? It’s a mystery.




Now then, the last remaining problem is Sabo-san!

“Su, Sui! Sui~!”

“Yes, I’m here~”

Sui came to me when I called.

“What do you think happened to Sabo-san?”

“… Rosarin, did you do something again?”

Sui had a tired expression on his face again.

“Why is this my fault!? I didn’t do anything… anything…”

“… Do you have an idea?”

“… I do.”

That happened! I handed Sabo-san that thing!

“What did you do?”

Sui-san stared at me. He has no trust in me.

“I gave him Niisama-made ‘I’m overflowing C-drink’ power-up drink.”

“What are the ingredients.”

“I don’t know in detail, but it’s supposed to be something that makes Sabo-san more powerful. It’s a combination of Gora-chan extract, which I heard has no side effects. Well, I put a little charm on it. Become stronger, I said.”

“… I told you not to use anything so strange! I’m not sure people are going to be the victim of an evolutionary event or a rice porridge incident!”

“I mean, it would be bad if something happened! I did not want Sabo-san to get hurt!”

“I’m sorry. I even used the Kiss of Awakening on top of that…”

In other words, cheat + cheat = evolution☆ I guess?

“This is my first time seeing this, but that’s Sabo☆ten isn’t it?”

(TN: Saboten = cactus, Ten = sky/heaven)

He looks like Hiro Tsunoda. Why the hell.

(TN: Japanese rock/folk drummer and singer)

“Sabo☆ten is a Deity-level monster.”

“Rosarin, Milfilia… i… have become a Deity. I have become an existence of justice, but I like staying at your side the most. I don’t want to watch over you as a Deity.”

The wings disappeared and Sabo-san became the usual rainbow-colored Sabo-san. I heard that when you become a Deity-rank, you really become a god and you can’t stay with people you love anymore. I’m glad Sabo-san didn’t disappear.

A lot of unexpected things happened, but now we are all set! We are ready for the final touches!

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