Chapter 225.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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And to the legend… (lie)
Dirk moved through the dark mountains while holding me in one arm. I had no choice! It’s faster this way, and Dirk has a better nose and ears than I do, so it’s easier for him to detect the signs of battle. So I had no choice! I inwardly excused myself to someone, and just kept moving.

Dirk’s ears turned in one direction. It seems he heard something.

“… It’s close! Rosarin, are you ready?”


I cut down monsters that appeared before us. This is a human wave attack! Although not everyone is a human!

“It’s your turn, everyone!”

The spirits and magic beasts attacked the monsters all at once. Many monsters were killed in no time. I also threw quite a lot of boomerangs in counterattack. I feel that I have defeated so many that I was drawing away from Dirk! My first priority is to save Milfi and the others! Please, Milfi! Be safe!

Then, just as I thought my field of vision had opened up, a flood of light appeared.


Milfi’s scream… no, I think that was her surprised voice.



I’m glad, although Cidar-kun seems to be injured, he’s safe! I embraced Milfi. She is not hurt. What was that light just now? I looked around and it was in the sky.



Shining divinely was…………… Sabo-san…?



Mofumaru was also frozen in place… or rather, the monsters were frozen in place. The ones we have defeated earlier were Dark Wolves. I didn’t bother recognizing them because my priority was to defeat them anyway. Their rank is A on their own, but they attack in packs, so they are actually equivalent to S-SS rank, which is very troublesome. It was quite a pack, so a lot of them were lying on the ground.

I have been distracted from reality by thoughts of monsters, but A Cruel Angel’s Thesis was ringing in my brain. Sabo-san was floating with his eight shiny wings fluttering in the air. It was divine, but endlessly surreal.
And then Sabo-sam(?) started spinning and killing the monsters in a blink of an eye. Beams came out of his spikes. Beams from the spike, you know? Did the spikes become beam launchers instead of projectiles? Is he a cactus-shaped android?? No, is that the A.T. Field I had heard so much about?

While I was thinking about it, the Dark Wolves came to their senses and attacked me. When I tried to fight back, the roots of the trees wrapped around the Dark Wolves and strangled them to death.


“I can hear a lot of voices…”

Cidar-kun woke up. His clothes were bloody, but it seems that Milfi had healed his wounds.



“… Milfilia? Right, I lost consciousness. Are you alright? Sorry for dragging you down.”

“Why are you worrying about me… y, you got injured because you protected me!!”

Milfi must have been relieved as she clung to Cidar-kun with tears in her eyes.

I’m not sure if I should mention that green magical power was pouring out of Cidar-kun, or that flowers were blooming around him as if to bless him, or that the trees around him were attacking the monsters.

“Cidar-kun, is there something wrong with your body?”

“Ah? Come to think of it, I have been feeling good since earlier? Or rather, I have been hearing voices asking me whether I’m happy now that the monsters who bullied you are all done for………… what the hell is this!?”

Cidar-kun, you were looking only at Milfi, huh.

“Ah, it’s probably because my Revelation amplified yours…”

“Milfi’s Revelation?”

“Err… I have a Revelation called Awakening Touch… which I used on Cidar-kun. Although it was an emergency, I will take responsibility for stealing your lips, Cidar-kun. Please marry me. I will definitely make you happy.”

“… Yes?”

Eh? Awakening Touch, the Kiss of Awakening… ah, she kissed him? Anyhow, Cidar-kun replied, but he was frozen in time.

“Cidar-kun! I’m so happy! Then, let’s redo the kissing part…”

When Milfi was about to kiss him, Cidar-kun regained his sanity and stopped Milfi.

“W, waitwaitwait!! H, hey! T, that was like artificial respiration, right! It doesn’t count!”

“… No, I kissed you on the lips, Cidar-kun. It was only a kiss on the wound for Sabo-san. A kiss on the wound should have been enough for you as well, Cidar-kun. But I wanted to kiss you, so I did it.”

“………… Now’s not the good time.”

“So it’s okay later?”

“I, it’s not!”

“Am I not good enough for you… perhaps?”

“It’s not like that, but I don’t want you to do it out of obligation! I don’t want to marry the girl I love because she felt responsible for giving me a kiss! Anyhow, now is not the time to talk about this, right! Let’s defeat the monsters!”

“Yes, yes~”

Dirk defeated most of them while we were talking without a care, and I also supported him with my boomerang magic… Cidar-kun is amazing, though!?

Cidar-kun was using a Yggdrasil-made staff I gave him, but his arm strength and speed were much better. Is it because of Milfi’s Revelation? What a fearsome thing you are, Awakening Touch, the Kiss of Awakening!

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