Chapter 224

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Kiss of Awakening.
Milfilia’s Point of View
We were well on our way to Christia. To get back to Christia, we have to take the mountain route. Since there was only this one route, we knew that this would be the place where they would try to ambush us.



However, something we didn’t expect happened.



The enemy was easily captured, but Jash-san and Martha-san were on alert for some reason.

“We are surrounded…”

“Milfilia-sama, please don’t leave our side.”

Martha-san was holding small axes in both hands, and Jash-san was holding twin swords in his. I also clutched my bow to stay alert.

A moment later, a large number of wolf-like monsters appeared. On top of looking strong, there were a lot of them. I immediately proceeded to give them cover fire. We gradually continued to reduce the number of enemies. Mixing recovery and distraction, I moved while watching the overall movement of the battle. Fortunately, they weren’t as quick as Dirk-sama, so it wasn’t difficult to follow their movements. But there were simply too many of them. There was no end to them even though we kept taking them down.

Oh no. We got separated! Before I noticed, we got separated from Martha-san, Jash-san, and Zilva, and there was only Mofumaru, Sabo-san, and Cidar-kun near me. And then, I got too distracted trying to check our positions.




Cidar-kun protected me and got bitten by the monster. Mofumaru immediately backed us up.




It seems that a monster got behind us while I was distracted by Cidar-kun’s situation, causing Sabo-san to get injured as well. I immediately erected a barrier. Mofumaru slipped through it, saying that he was okay because the monsters’ fangs weren’t sharp enough to bit through his fur.

This barrier should last for a while. Think! What should I do now!

The best I can do now is to ask Rosary for help using the communication tool and check Cidar-kun’s injuries. Don’t cry! You have to concentrate! The wound was deeper than I thought. The hemorrhage was also terrible because the wound was close to the neck. It’s okay! Rosary will definitely save us if we can hold on! Right, we have to hold on!

This is probably the time to use my Revelation. I’m sorry, Cidar-kun.

“… Awakening Touch.”

I kissed Cidar-kun on the lips. This is my Revelation that sends my own magical power through the kiss and greatly amplifies the other party’s physical and magical abilities. It’s the magical blessing of the Goddess Mystia. Kissing is the most efficient way to do this, but because of this, it is a difficult Revelation to use. It is also known as the “Kiss of Awakening.” I have heard that it is the highest level of magical amplification that is capable even of releasing hidden powers within.

The truth is, I would have liked to have kissed Cidar-kun when he was awake for the first time, but there was no time for that.
My Revelation had also improved Cidar-kun’s resilience, and he had already stopped bleeding. I cried and desperately tried to close the wound with recovery magic. I don’t want to cry, but my tears won’t stop.

“Milfi, don’t cry.”


The leakage of bodily fluids had stopped, but Sabo-san’s arm was almost torn off. I have to heal him as soon as possible. I used my Revelation on Sabo-san as well. It was a kiss on the wound, not on the lips, but the Revelation started to close the wound on the arm that was nearly torn off.
I’m also worried about Mofumaru, who was struggling outside the barrier. I have to quickly heal Cidar-kun and improve Sabo-san’s condition. My head hurt from the combined use of magic. However, I can overcome it with willpower.

“It’s all right. I will protect you, Milfi!”


Sabo-san took out a mysterious medicine from somewhere and swallowed it all at once. Sabo-san… he was shining.


My field of vision turned white.

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