Chapter 223

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And now, the final phase of the mission.
We have got 90% of the evidence. Let’s go for the finishing move. I wrote a letter to Count Marsh, saying that I wanted to talk to him in private.

Up to this point, I have been sweet-talking Count Marsh, saying things like, “You are special,” and “In truth, I really want to be on your side. You are a wonderful noble,” I had chosen to say only words that were pleasant to the ear. He agreed to my invitation, and we had a private conversation.

The place was a fancy inn in Wolfanea. We cleared out the people, and spoke about the happenings in the world, but then he urged me to get down to business.

“That… I am truly sorry about Milfilia. I wanted to apologize to you on her behalf. Additionally, I invited you on board the Blessing of the Saintess project, but Milfilia objected to it…”

“… This is not your fault, Rosarin-sama.”

Count Marsh said calmly.

“S, she is not a bad person, she’s just highly conscious of the noble society… if she only wasn’t here… we would have been able to do the project together. How unfortunate.”

“… Indeed. If she only wasn’t here…”

“Milfilia will be returning to Christia tomorrow by herself. She plans on leaving Wolfanea at about 15 o’clock. We are scheduled to leave three days later. Count Marsh, thank you for everything you have done for us up until now. I’m sorry for complaining to you a little. I apologize for my friend’s disrespect.”

“It’s nothing. Let’s meet again if there’s an opportunity.”

Feeling something disturbing happening to Count Marsh’s mood, I returned to the castle.





And so, Milfi left Wolfanea the next day. She was accompanied by Sabo-san, Mofumaru, Cidar-kun, Jash, Martha, and Zilva. I wanted Dirk to go too, but he dismissed the idea because he was worried about me. I will follow in disguise! I said, but he rejected the idea because I would stand out.

“I’m so worried~!”

“I felt the same way when you used yourself as bait, Rosarin. I was even more worried because you went alone.”

“……………… I’m sorry for everything.”

While having such conversation, the sun has gone down.

All of sudden, I heard Milfi’s crying voice from the communication tool.

“Rosarin, save us! We defeated the enemy, but the monsters…!”


I didn’t even have time to get Valkyrie out, so I activated a brooch of teleportation. They should be near the border, I think!

“I’m going too.”

With Dirk in tow, I continued to run incessantly through the dark mountains. Please, make it in time! I shouted in my mind.

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