Chapter 222

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Brocon showdown.
When I returned to my guest room at the castle, everyone had already returned. Now, it’s time for the report of our achievements.

Aldin-sama was glittering. He was physically and mentally dazzling, not easy on the eyes at all. Light-kun, stop it. Mentally, it can’t be helped it, but physically, I’d like you to stop.

“Rosarin, Elder brother was amazing! That was what you call the art of conversation! Disguised as small talk, guiding the conversation to extract the necessary information… That’s my Elder brother, alright! I knew he was brilliant!”

Yeah, the Elder brother Alphage-sama was in anguish. Is he not used to getting praised? Anyhow, I got taken in by Aldin-sama.

“My Niisama also knew at first glance that the Blessing of the Saintess was destroyed, and he immediately managed to comfort the crying Mitchell-san, you know! He has such an abundant knowledge (mainly related to plants) that would leave any scholar feeling embarrassed!”

“Wait! What do you mean that my father cried…”

Aldin-sama ignored the interjecting Cidar-kun and continued on with the conversation. My Niisama who was unable to let it pass explained to Cidar-kun the situation.

“My Elder brother is extremely kind, you know! He gave me advice when I was anxious about something the last time! He came up with a solution together with me! Moreover, when I broke a vase and had to apologize to the very scary Head Maid, he said that he was also at fault and that he would go apologize with me!”

“My Niisama is breeding and improving fruits according to my preferences, and he’s taking care of the flowers in my room so they wouldn’t wither! Moreover, he occasionally gifts me a bouquet, too! He also has a good taste!”

“Kuh, not bad! When I get sulkish from being teased too much, Elder brother always splits half of his sweets with me! Even when it’s his favorite pudding!”

“That’s quite something! However, when I cook something at home, my Niisama will eat even the bell peppers he hates so much! Moreover, I feel that he’s been saying that anything I cook is delicious, recently!”

“… It really is, though… I wonder why?”

“Because I make sure to hide the bitterness. But, seeing you eat it even when you dislike it makes me really happy. I love you, Niisama!”

“Ah~ yes. Thank you.”

“I also love my Elder brother very much! I am glad I was born as your little brother!”

“… Is this a revenge match for the other time? If so, I will prostrate on the floor or anything, so please won’t you stop doing this…”

Alphage-sama whose face was flushed red hung his head in shame.

“You are amazing, Aldin! I have never seen Alphage this troubled!”

Curtis laughed out loud.


“He’s an airhead, after all…”

“It’s Aldin, after all…”

Aldin-sama tilted his head puzzledly. Adeil and Hugh smiled wryly.

“Me aside, I don’t think Aldin-sama has the word ‘Revenge’ in his vocabulary. I had a bit of ill intentions, but Aldin-sama just went with the flow.”

“… So you had ill intentions.”

“It had no effect on my Niisama, but seeing you dying from embarrassment left me very fulfilled. Ah, I meant it when I said that I love you, Niisama.”

“I know.”

Niisama seemed satisfied.

“That’s quite malicious, though…”

Alphage-sama had no energy to retort. It seems that the effect was extraordinary.

“Should I not say that I love my Elder brother very much?”

“No, it’s not like you can’t say it.”

“Right, right~ he’s just embarrassed. In truth, he’s very happy. He’s just being bashful.”

“…? I was only telling the truth, though? I love my Elder brother very much and trust him from the bottom of my heart. There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about.”



The twin knights let out a sigh in harmony. Alphage-sama huddled up in a ball. It seems that his HP has fallen to zero.

“Never mind that, Aldin be quiet for a little so that your bro can regain his witts.”

“Yeah. We have other things to talk about, no?”

“You are correct. Sorry for derailing.”

With the splendid course correction of the twin knights, Alphage-sama’s mental somewhat recovered.

From what we heard from each other, the main culprit definitely is Count Marsh. There is no mastermind in the shadows. From following the flow of money, we confirmed that he was lining his pockets and spending it on art and other goods. The evidence will be ready in a few days.
He’s not a very good Feudal Lord either. He has a bad reputation, and even during the Yggdrasil uproar, he didn’t lower taxes, which caused the peasants to riot.
It seems that the reason for the poor management of the Blessing of the Saintess is because the people who originally managed it quit, saying that they would not follow anyone but the Rattle family.




“He’s astonishingly worthless scum of a noble… it doesn’t seem that we need to make any changes in our plan. The match will conclude in a few days.”


We disbanded after giving instructions to each person. There are some uneasy factors, but I will do my best to make it work!


When I was alone, I felt some presence so I called out.

“Jash, Martha, you are here?”


Our ninjas… I mean, two reliable people appeared.

“Please guard Milfi from the shadows. I trust you with all my heart.”


The two were overcome with emotions.

“By the way, are you feeling alright, Martha?”

“Yes, there’s no problem.”

“Let’s discuss the marriage when everything’s done!”



“Eh!? Ojousama!?”

“Leave the dress to me and Kaasama! We will tailor something that will suit you very much! Martha, please go on with the marriage. I want to celebrate and see your happiness when you become a bride.”

“… Yes. Thank you very much, Ojousama.”

Martha seemed to have given up and she laughed gently with her forehead on my hands.

“Also, I know I’m being selfish but don’t be reckless. Try not to get hurt.”

“Yes, we understand.”

“We won’t do anything that will make you sad, Ojousama.”


The adults, whom I truly trusted, showed soft smiles on their faces and disappeared into the night. I really do have ninjas… I thought something unnecessary again.

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