Chapter 221

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Old man and cactus.
I secretly gave instructions to Leor-san via magic.

I told him to tell Count Marsh that I would let him off the hook this time only because I had high hopes for him. I don’t want him to be overly cautious, since it’s not time to push him down yet.

Leor-san nodded. Me, Dirk, and my Elder brother will be going to Cidar-kun’s father’s place next. Milfi will go back to the castle first to report.



We reached the castle’s dungeon. It’s dark, it’s scary… I regret coming here. Clinging to Dirk’s arm, we arrived at Mitchell-san’s cell. I asked the soldier to step back and gave him a quick report on the situation.

Mitchell-san cried, especially when he heard about the devastation of the paddy fields. Yeah… We had no choice but to tell him because he would find out someday, but he was unexpectedly sobbing. He wailed loudly.

“Teacher… my sister and I will surely restore the paddy fields back to their original state. Right, Rosarin?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Me and your son both have Green Thumbs and my little sister is an outstanding magician. You have my promise.”

My Elder brother’s sincere attitude calmed Mitchell-san down. My Elder brother is awesome! I was cringing, trying to figure out what to do in front of the crying old man!

“How can I thank you…”

“We don’t need that… this is something we want to do on our own. I only have one request for you. I want to talk to you about plants with my botanist friend when this matter is settled and you regain your freedom.”

“Ohhh… I couldn’t ask for anything else! Let’s do it! Ohh… what should we talk about…”

They seem to be looking forward to it very much. Yeah, I will do my best for Elder brother’s sake!

“Mitchell-san, please have this child accompany you just in case.”

The rainbow-colored glow that overflowed from my hands… it was the rainbow-colored glow of the Legendia King Cactus, Sabonova-san. This cactus is Sabonova-san, as Sabo-san is Milfi’s guard.

“… How flashy. However, this is my first time seeing the real deal. Legendia King Cactus, huh.”

“As expected of you. Look… this child can use stealth like this. Sabonova-san, take care of this as well.”

“… That is?”

“A pouch.”


You can tell from its looks, but it’s not an ordinary pouch.

“… Is that why you started asking me for book recommendations? As expected of you, Rosarin.”


I got praised by Elder brother! I’m a sensible little sister, aren’t I?

“This is a pouch that my little sister enchanted with her magical power. This is full of the selection of recent plant-related academic books and encyclopedias of my choosing… right?”

“Yes. And also food and water. There’s also Sabonova-san’s sand bend in it.”

“… As expected of you.”


The old man was super happy.

“Sabonova-san, the lookout will take it away when they come, so…”

“Leave it to me.”

“Thank you. This person is a plant-loving scholar, so I’m sure he will be able to get along with you and others, Sabonova-san.”

“Umu, my pleasure.”

“Yeah, likewise!”

“It will be some time until the trial. Please endure until then.”

“Yeah! Let me thank you in advance!”

Mitchell-san said with a very big smile.

“Sabonova-san, let him eat properly too.”


How to say this, sorry Sabonova-san… you look more like a caretaker than a guard. Please do your best. I will try to finish as soon as possible!

However, it seems that Michiell-san was the type of person who was interested in all kinds of plants, and he was very considerate of Savonova-san. I heard later that Mitchell-san also got the Heart of Cactus. Yeah, well… it’s good to get along! I think!!

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