Chapter 220

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Villainess Milfilia.
Today, we’ll be splitting up and going our separate ways. Alphage-sama cooperated with Jess and the others to understand the relationship with the nobles better… mainly their backgrounds. Aldin-sama was also accompanying him to learn. We’re going to visit the paddy fields, with Leor-san laying the groundwork. Leor-san was going with us, too. We are currently traveling by a carriage. My Elder brother is going to collect as much information as possible from Cidar-kun’s father.
Cidar-kun and Michuu-san are going to gather information from the people of their former territory.

“I’m sorry for asking the unreasonable for allowing us to inspect the fields.”

When I bowed my head to Count Marsh, Milfi who stood next to me was quick to warn me.

“Rosarin, there’s no need to mind this lowly noble. We are high-ranking nobles. It’s our job to behave resolutely.”

“Ugh… I’m sorry.”

I’ve been scolded by the Villainess, Milfilia-sama, and Dirk then tried to comfort the dejected me. No, I’m just acting! But thank you for the reward anyway!

“… Indeed, you need not put a lowly noble like me in your eyes.”

Ahahaha, he snapped, he really snapped. His eyes aren’t laughing at all. He’s doing his best not to lose his temper like yesterday.

“I, I’m so embarrassed wearing pants that stick to my legs tightly like this!”

“Are you? I can see the line of your ass so clearly.”

Milfi, I understand your feelings, but Cidar-kun also looks quite strict in various ways, you know? I know you’re a girl and you just want to make sure the person you won’t find it weird, though.

“Mi, Milfilia is cute, not weird at all! Not weird at all, but don’t say stuff like ass, Rosarin! Do something about it!”

Cidar-kun who reached his limit next, shouted at me.


I made Milfi wear a matching, fluffy miniskirt to make the lines disappear. Or would a curly skirt be better? I offered her several options.

“W, which one is cuter?”

Milfi the angel asked, looking up at Cidar-kun (because of the height difference).
I wasn’t the only one who thought that Milfi was adorable. Cidar-kun accidentally slipped up.

“I think you are way too cute yourself, Milfilia.”


“… The short one is better.”

Cidar-kun corrected himself, acting as if nothing happened, but the maiden in love heard him clearly.

“Ah, y, yes. Sorry! P, please say it again!”

“Short one—”Before that.”

“… My tongue slipped. Please let me off.”

Cidar-kun turned away with his mouth clamped shut. His white ears were dyed bright red. Milfi begged adorably with a glowing, expectant expression on her face. I’m jealous of you, Cidar-kun! I want to be begged by Milfi too!

“… Please. Say it again… I want to hear it again no matter what.”

And that cute little combo of tugging at his sleeve a bit! She’s acting unconsciously cute! It’s a miracle of cuteness! My best friend was unconsciously a little devil, wasn’t she!? I’m a woman and I’m infatuated, too! I want to hug her!

“… You are insanely cute. Or rather, you are way too cute.”

He saaaaaid it!?

Is he a hero!?

A hero was here! Well said! Rather, how could you say it so well! Cidar-kun, you are so manly! Dirk, the princes and even Elder brother were impressed.


“Thank you…”

The viciously overly cute princess smiled happily. Cidar-kun curled up. You’ve done well!!


And well, there was such a strawberry jam honey blend mess before we separated. It seems that we arrived at the paddy fields while I was absorbed in my thoughts. I got out of the carriage and… oh no?

The paddy fields were filled with beautiful water, and the ears of rice looked heavy. It’s not harvesting time yet, is it? I looked at my brother to confirm.

“It’s too early.”

My brother affirmed. So maybe I’m hallucinating or something? I strained my eyes to examine the flow of magical power. There is no doubt that fields were under some kind of magic. It wasn’t Christia’s technique, so it’s going to take some time to analyze it, but I think I can break the spell.

“How is it? How are our fields? I’ve heard some people say it’s dying, though.”

Count Marsh grinned.

“… Is it a harvest time now? The climate is not so different from that of Christia, so what is it that makes it bear grains now?”

Count Marsh freaked out for a moment, but quickly regained his composure and replied with a smile.

“We are using a variety of special fertilizers.”

Isn’t that quite an awful excuse? My brother was in a daze. Okay, I solved it! I magically delivered my voice only to Milfi.


(Thank you for waiting! I can dispel it anytime now. There’s illusion magic cast over the fields.)

Puh, Milfi laughed. What a haughtily beautiful smile.



“Did you think you can swindle us with such simple deception?”

With a snap of Milfi’s fingers, a sound of cracking resounded, and the illusion magic got destroyed. The paddy fields were in a terrible state. Well, I read Cidar-kun’s report, but this is far worse than I thought.

“That’s horrible…”

My brother, who loves plants, sat down. No, it was really bad. The water in the paddy fields was stagnant and moldy. The roots have rotted or are dying, and some of the plants were already dead.

“What is the meaning of this?”


“Were you trying to fool us with an illusion?”

“Count Marsh… please explain yourself.”

Leor-san supported Milfi who was condemning Count Marsh.

“I, I don’t know anything! S, someone is trying to frame me!”

“Oh my… in that case, you weren’t taking care of the Blessing of the Saintess properly?”

“It’s not like that!”

“If you have managed them properly, the paddy fields would not be in such a state in the first place. Moreover, since it is not harvest time, you should have known that the scene we just saw was abnormal. If someone had done this to set you up, you should have known the abnormality of what we just saw. In other words, you didn’t manage it properly and didn’t even look at it before, did you?”

“Guh… no, nobles don’t play around with dirt! The ones in charge of the fields are incompetent…”

“The ones in charge of the fields are also at fault, but it’s also your incompetence and inability to lead that has allowed the fields to get so bad.”

“Milfilia, you said too much!”

“You are too kind, Rosarin. But facts are facts. And no matter how you try to wrap them up, they won’t change and they should be pointed out.”

“It’s as the young lady of Duke Laurel’s family said. Count Marsh, I will have a team of investigators sent from the Royal Palace your way at a later date. I will have to report this to His Majesty directly.”

“That can’t be!?”

“You won’t escape punishment. Young lady, I’m truly sorry for offending you like this.”

Leor-san bowed his head silently. Milfilia smiled.

“No, don’t mind it. I will request you to deal with that incompetent man strictly.”

“Yes, I will convey your thoughts to His Majesty. I will also report his rudeness towards you, young lady.”

“Fufu, all right.”

“W, why!?”

“Watch your mouth. This young lady is a guest of honor and a benefactor of our country who treated the injured during the Great Tsunami. Furthermore, as a nobleman, she is of higher rank than you, even if she is still a child. Just like the other day, you ought to speak to her with proper manners… what is that expression on your face! Know your place!!”

“… I am sorry.”

Count Marsh said vexingly. You are correct, Leor-san.

“What are you apologizing to me for? Apologize to Duke Laurel’s daughter.”

“Guh… please forgive me for my rudeness.”

Milfi ignored Count Marsh who bowed his head.

“I am grateful for your consideration, Duke Felsen. Come to think of it, I heard that the Blessing of the Saintess was originally managed by a different family, no?”

“Yes, the Rattle family.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to return the management to that family?”

“… Indeed. I will make the proposal to His Majesty. The head of the Rattle family was imprisoned, but his family has not been ruined, and I believe he had a son.”

“I will leave it in your care then.”

Count Marsh hung his head down as he trembled with anger.

“I won’t forgive you…”

Milfi and others didn’t seem to hear him, but I heard his mutter.

Your fall has just started, you know? The plan is progressing smoothly.

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