Chapter 219

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sage and disciple.
I gave the Sage Grandpa the rare sea material as a reward, and while I was at it, I consulted him about the mysterious weird phenomenon… the super-healing incident of the kid who almost died after eating the porridge.

“… I wonder why that happened?”

“No, I don’t know! There are things you get to know when you live long enough, and things that you won’t know!”

“Tch, what a useless fellow.”

“O, oy, don’t smack your lips at me! Are you really a Duke’s daughter!? Your manners are too poor! Why is your attitude towards me so bad!”

“In the beginning, I treated you, the great Sage, with respect, but no matter how many times I told you, you kept making a mess of your room, so I treat you accordingly because of that. It’s just karmic retribution.”


“I guess it’s inevitable after I had to deal with you, an old man who was no better than a toddler and wouldn’t listen no matter how many times I advised you.”

“I’m sorry for that!”

“I don’t need your apology, just correct your behavior.”

“Sheesh, you have a comeback for everything… you mouthy disciple! By the way, were you thinking something unnecessary while making the porridge?”

“Just the usual stuff like, get well soon~ I hope you get cured~ while mixing it… that’s irrelevant, no? There would be no need for doctors if you could cure illnesses with that.”

“Ah~ yeah.”

However, the Sage was pondering about something. Does he have an idea?

“This is just a speculation of mine.”


“It might be a Revelation of the Beneficiary.”

“………… Yes?”

Come to think of it, Rin’s Revelation is still unknown. Nonono, waitwaitwait!

“Eeeeeh!? What Revelation!?”

“… I feel that Shiva’s Favor sounds about right.”

That’s kind of a chuuni name, isn’t it? It seems that a Beneficiary always gets a Revelation from the gods, so Rin must have a Revelation too.

“Come again?”

“Creating anything your heart desires. It’s other name is the Wings of Creation. It’s a legendary Revelation that is said to have been in possession of the Salvation Saintess.”


“……… Eh?”

“No, it might be something different, but if your pouch and rings have been affected by the Revelation…”

It’s not an impossible story… Rather, that would explain things. The reason being, that I wanted it to be like that.

“… Well, isn’t it fine since it’s you?”

Despite my panic, the Sage was calm. I don’t need that kind of dangerous Revelation!

“Besides, you already could achieve world domination or anything you desire by exploiting Valkyrie anyway.”

“Haah? There’s no way I would do something so troublesome, right? I also don’t want Valkyrie to do pointless slaughter like that, so it’s not possible.”

“And that’s why.”

So you’re saying that an unseen god trusted me so much and sent me this Revelation? The Sage chuckled.

“Well, the truth might be different. It might be a different Revelation. It’s just one of the possibilities.”

The young-looking Sage looked properly old. I’m not sure how he got so expressive when he was expressionless at first. He is shy, isn’t he, this old man?

“Ah, hand this ring to your wife, please.”

It was a simple ring with a magic stone. The old man examined its effect.

“Magical power amplification and… what? It’s too complicated…”

“You use it like this.”


When I put the ring on his finger, the old man turned into a miniskirt-wearing cat-eared trap.

“You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to make it work on an old person. Here are the instructions.”

“Don’t waste the technology on something like this!!”

“No? This was an official request from your wife. She said she wanted this in place of that wand. It apparently got her all fired up, so do your best.”

“You devilish discipleeeee!!”

The master Sage of Christia went back to his beloved wife’s house in tears.

Later, she gave me a generous compliment and doubled my reward. She seemed to have enjoyed it very much.

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