Chapter 218

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Report, communicate, consult.
It is important to report, communicate, and consult. So, I met up with Rabisha-chan and we had a debriefing session.

“Ojousamaa! I have worked really hard! Please praise me!”

I looked over Rabisha-chan’s report. Well, I guess it’s pretty much as I expected. I didn’t expect that she would be doing something so unscrupulous, though.

There was no doubt that he was in cahoots with the Archogi Company. But I still need more evidence. He’s actually quite good at it. He used his cronies well and didn’t negotiate on his own. He had the Archogi Company do the research and negotiate through him. In other words, he won’t be able to say things like: “They did it on their own! I’m the victim here! I’m annoyed that they used my name without permission! I had nothing to do with it!”… and stuff.

“Uhm, Milfi-san. Why don’t we change your role? Why don’t you use me as a decoy instead?”

Normally, I’d be the decoy, but I was told that no one would be stupid enough to attack me after all the rampaging I’d done in various ways in Wolfanea, and since I obviously didn’t look weak enough, Milfi was the one who got chosen instead. Ugh, I’m worried. However, Milfi did not accept my proposal.

“I reject. They already have a bad impression of me and a good impression of you, Rosary. So we can’t change it now. Anyway, did I do a good job?”

“It was perfect! Aloof and noble! Graceful like an evil water lily… you were the perfect, lovely Villainess Milfilia!”

“The hell is that?”

“… Well, it’s not like I don’t understand, but.”

Aldin-sama was puzzled, Alphage-sama smiled wryly.

“Yes, Miss Milfilia’s acting was splendid. It was like I was watching Rosarin. Rather, you were just like her.”


The princes and my brother nodded at Dirk’s words. What do you mean? I am not a villainess, I am a Duke’s daughter. I have no intention of becoming a villainess in the future either.

“Well, well. Ojousama, father is probably going to kill… ehm, he’s full of motivation, so the Archogi should testify without falsehood. At the very least, Count Marsh will receive the skin lizard’s tail treatment from them. But this is still not enough, right?”

“Indeed. Sorry, but could you sneak in and search? I’d like you to investigate the flow of his money. This is a recommendation letter that Jess wrote. The setting is that of a noble’s apprentice.”

“Understood. I’m at Ojousama’s will.”

This is a job that can only be done by Rabisha-chan, who was trained in etiquette by Martha. My personal maid is seriously talented!

“I’m late! I got things to report!”

Cidar-kun parted with us when I sent him to check up on his family’s former territory.

I quickly looked over it and handed it to Milfi. Milfi was looking at Cidar-kun’s with eyes of anticipation. And Cidar-kun froze in place when he looked at her. When he rebooted, he managed to utter some words.

“Ah, umm, that, it suits you.”

“!! Thank you very much… I’m happy to hear that from you.”

Milfi smiled softly while being bashful. In front of Milfi’s soft smile, Cidar-kun turned even redder.

“You know, Milfi wanted you to see it, so she didn’t remove her make-up and even endured with the corset even though it’s painful.”

“… Huh?”

“Rororororsary!? You are cruel for saying that!”

“I mean, it’s so unnatural. We are all sitting here in casual wear, you know?”


“Ah~ yes. That… I’m glad I could see you all dressed up prettily. You really look beautiful like a princess from a fairy tale.”

Cidar-kun smiled wryly, but Milfi didn’t seem to like it.


“Wha? What!?”


Milfi embraced Cidar-kun. I made an eye signal with others and moved outside. Everyone else followed me.

“Wha!? Hey! Don’t rub on me! What is it!?”

“I am no princess from a fairy tale! I’m properly standing here, in front of you!”

“… Yeah. I know. I made a mistake. You are very beautiful and super cute.”

“… Umm, I’m sorry for doing something improper all of sudden. But I don’t want to be told that I am a princess from some unreachable, far away world…”

“… Yeah. Well, that… you are not very far away when you hug me tightly like this.”

“……………… Hug?”



“Kyaaaaaa!? I’m sorry, forgive me, I apologizeee!!”

Milfi who realized what she had done quickly ran out of the room.


“I’m going to calm down Milfi. You and my Niisama should write a clean copy of the revised part for easy reference.”

Milfi tried her best, but she couldn’t calm down. She was told that she looked like a princess from a distant world, and she lost her temper. For half an hour now… she has been sitting on the floor in the corner of the guest room of the castle, hiding her face in her knees.

“It’s no use now, I’m a female pervert… I have become a pervert.”

“I’m telling you it’s fine. It’s not like Cidar-kun disliked it.”

This is a problem. What do I do with her?

“I’m going to get scorned by Cidar-kun as a immodest woman…”

“That’s not true at all.”


Flustered that we weren’t returning, Cidar-kun came on his own. Milfi tried to ecsape, but there was no place to escape.


“Y, yesh!”

“… Can I touch you a little?”

“………… Do as you please.”

Milfi was atrociously cute when she closed her eyes while trembling. Cidar-kun gently took Milfi into his arms.

“Milfilia, you are so cute.”

“Hiyuaaaa… what do I do… I, I’m so happy but I can’t calm down.”

“Milfilia, that… I was happy that you embraced me earlier. You are not immodest. I was at fault earlier. Sorry.”

Cidar-kun met Milfi’s eyes and smiled gently.


Milfi’s cheeks turned red as she stared at him. I’ve decided to leave the two of them alone for a while. I was not feeling jealous or anything, okay!

I couldn’t help it, so I went back and to prepare for the meeting about tomorrow’s plan. After a while, Milfi and Cidar-kun returned and I explained our plans.

“Umm, Rosarin.”


“Somehow, you are… quite a lot… today.”

I was sitting in Dirk’s lap and rubbing my cheeks against his chest. Dirk was all fidgety, but I didn’t care.

“… I mean, I mean! Seeing Cidar-kun and Milfi flirt with each other made me want to flirt with you too!… Can’t I be spoiled a little?”

“No, you are very welcome to! You are so cute!”

I was tightly hugged by Dirk in return. Happiness!

“Rorororosary! W, we weren’t, f-flirting, okay!”

“Eh? Even though you got hugged by Cidar-kun so tightly?”


“You stared at each other and he patted your cheeks.”

“A, au…”

“You were flirting, weren’t you?”

“… Don’t tease us too much.”

Cidar-kun was embarrassed too. My brother and Alphage-sama started leaking a cold aura, so I decided to start having a serious discussion.
At any rate, things are going to get busy tomorrow.

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