Chapter 217

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There’s still more to come.
The guest of honor got angry and left, but the men around him stayed. Okay, okay, please convey this to the guest of honor who went home, okay? About what we are going to do now. Rather, this is why I went to the trouble of gathering the Wolfanean nobles!

I signaled Judas-sama and Jess with my eyes. Jess nodded and spoke to the nobles.

“The Blessing of the Saintess was previously reserved for the royal family only, but now it will be distributed to the general public as a reward for the Meat saintess who saved Wolfanea!”

“I would like to invite you all to taste the Blessing of the Saintess so that you can see how delicious it is. Regarding the Blessing of the Saintess’ business side, my brother and I, as well as Miss Milfilia here, will jointly conduct the business. If you are interested in joining, we can discuss it at a later date.”

The maids laid out a variety of rice dishes, including piles of onigiri, fried rice, tenshinhan (imitation crab omelet on rice), takikomi gohan (Japanese mixed rice), ochazuke (rice with tea poured over it), freshly cooked white rice, gyudon (beef bowl), oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl), tendon (tempura rice bowl), katsudon (deep fried pork cutlet bowl), chukadon (Chinese-style bowl), kaisendon (seafood bowl), makizushi (rolled sushi), sushi, chirashi sushi, etc.

“Rosarin’s rice is delicious… I like fish too when it’s with Rosarin’s rice…”

Dirk looked happy.

“Is that so? I’m going to make you some fish-based dishes the next time then.”


“So goooood!?

“Too good!!”

“Can I bring this home!?”

“That’s not fair! I want to bring this home too!”

The event was an unexpected success. I told them that the recipe would be available via Miss Butterfly, and only taught them how to cook the rice. It was quite scary because everyone’s appetite for delicious food was unbelievable. Dirk stepped forward and did his best to protect us. Dirk-sama, you were super handsome today!



When we were about to dissolve for today… I got surrounded by several Wolfanean nobles.

“We’d like to talk to you about something…”

Everyone was having a dark expression. Why, I wonder? I asked Jess to lend me a room in the castle. Dirk, Milfi, Niisama, and the princes were with me. Ah, Curtis and others are guarding us because of the mood.

“Now then, what did you want to talk about?”

The few people prostrated before me.


“”Please share the Blessing of the Saintess with us to save the life of a child.””

That was their request. According to the details, Count Marsh had apparently even committed some kind of religious fraud. I felt dizzy.

“”We heard that the Blessing of the Saintess is nourishing and can treat illnesses.””

Apparently, the noble parents, who were grasping at straws, were buying it at a high price and feeding it to their children. They knew it was illegal… they understood it was a royal offering sold through illegal channels… but they didn’t doubt it because they wanted to think it would cure their children.


I think I hurt my own hand in anger. Dirk gently stroked my hand gently. I leaned closer to Dirk and spoke slowly, trying to control my anger.

“I tell you this honestly and without any falsehood. I can assure you that the Blessing of the Saintess has no effect on healing illnesses.”

The nobles of Wolfanea looked desperate, but there was also a hint of resignation in their faces. I’m sure that somewhere in their minds, they already knew… but they still wanted to hang onto that tiny thread of hope. They must have wanted to believe that their children would be saved by some miracle of the Saintess or something. I took a deep breath and continued to speak.

“…The Blessing of the Saintess has no healing effect. However, I have a divine spirit of purification, and my brother is skilled in medicine. We will save those who can be saved. We will do our utmost best. In return, please do me a favor.”

As it turned out, all of the children had manageable illnesses. The most common was magical power autotoxemia. Jess only suffered from growth suppression, but if it affected his heart or other vital organs, he would be in danger of dying. It was a relatively common disease in Christia, but in Wolfanea, where magic was rare, it seemed to be a deadly disease. Milfi also helped me since she was a healing magic student. Aldin-sama and Alphage-sama are also good at controlling magical power, so they did a great job, too.
The ordinary illnesses were managed by Arisa and my Elder brother’s medicine.


“… Yes.”

“You told me that you have mixed some nourishing herbs with the rice.”

“… Yes. I mixed in what my brother gave me without tempering with the amount.”

“What else did you mix in?”

“The ingredients were all normal, okay!? I have not used any special products!”

“Then how does a child on the verge of death suddenly starts running around cheerfully after eating a bowl of rice gruel!”

“I don’t know! No idea! I really don’t know anything, okay!?”

The only thing I recall doing was saying a charm like “Get well soon~” and “Get the illness out~” while mixing. However, there wouldn’t be the need for doctors if that was all you had to do!… And so there were some supernatural recoveries that my brother and I couldn’t explain, but well… it’s all good since they got better!!

In addition to the nobles that made the request from me, I received information about children who had suffered from illnesses and had been fed the Blessing of the Saintess, and about children who had been fed the Blessing of the Saintess but had passed away.
I promised the nobles that I would make the involved party pay them back. This is exactly what I mean by retribution. Good deeds and bad deeds will always come back at you in the end.

The countdown to the downfall of the Marsh family has definitely begun. I can’t wait to see how it will end.

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