Chapter 216

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The prouder they feel, the harder they fall is the basics.
Now then, as for what we are doing now… we are holding a parade.

We are in the midst of a parade.

Jash, who returned to Christia magnificently caught the Sage with the rare materials of the sea. He understood the operation correctly and trained the old man… well, he guided the old man to make him a number of wonderful floats, so he’s really talented.
In addition, Valkyrie was also made into a float. The heroes were also present to provide a topic of conversation.

“Muscles, meat, meat!”


“Meat, meat, muscles!”





Everyone is calling me however they want. I’m Rosarin. Not Rosariiin or Rozawin. I’m telling you that I’m a normal young lady from a Ducal household! I wanted to shout, but I endured and waved my hand with a smile on my face.

“Alphage-sama, please use the Freezing Rain. Let the fog out.”


A soft fog occurred. I adjusted the fog with the wind.

“Aldin-sama, make light.”

“Eh? Okay.”

Aldin-sama controlled his light magic and the fog turned into a rainbow. When I locked the light in the fog… the people of Wolfanea cheered as the light and water show went on.


“Fufu, leave it to me.”

Understanding what I wanted, Elder brother made flower petals fall. You understand me, Niisama. Red, yellow, blue, pink… I didn’t mix them and let them harden on purpose.

The wind dispersed them, collected them, and made them take on different shapes.


“Fufufu, I’m going to make this a party trick of the year.”

“No, it’s already good enough to make a lot of money out of this.”

“You think so?”

While having such an unimportant conversation with Dirk, we arrived at the castle. Today was a dinner party where all the Wolfanean nobles were summoned over at short notice.

I was wearing a neat white dress with blue Riccar flowers. Milfi was wearing a mature, wine-colored dress. My escort was of course Dirk. Milfi’s escort were the princes and my Elder brother.
She stands out! Milfi who has the princes and my brother in tow looks so cool!
I’ll take care of the Wolfanean nobles appropriately.

After a while, His Majesty the King, Judas-sama, and Jess appeared.

“Saintess-sama, are you enjoying yourself?”

“I told you not to call me Saintess. Thank you very much, I’m enjoying myself. By the way, I have a request for you, Your Majesty.”

I smiled and spoke to the King. By the way, His Majesty didn’t know about the plan. I thought things would go more smoothly if he didn’t know. His brains are not good for plotting.


“Tell me.”

“I would like to talk with the person in charge of the Blessing of the Saintess.”

“Hm? I don’t mind. He’s a nobleman so he’s surely present at this banquet.”

A while later, the head of the Marsh family came over. He was a nervous man with glasses.

“How do you do? I am Mikel Marsh.”

The man spoke smilingly. He is a Count. A rat Beastman, I think? There were several others who apparently assist him with taking care of the Blessing of the Saintess, who came with him.

“Pardon me for calling you over so suddenly. The thing is, we are actually thinking of starting a business to spread the Blessing of the Saintess worldwide. I would love for you gentlemen to participate… you guys are more knowledgeable in regards to growing the Blessing of the Saintess, so I thought whether I could talk to you about it?”

“Of course, it will be our pleasure.”

I could see the calculation in the man’s eyes. In the event that he’s not able to monopolize the Blessing of the Saintess and make money by selling it at a high price, it would not be a bad idea to do business with me, a high-ranking noble from another country who is unwillingly the Saintess of Wolfanea.

I made Count Marsh feel proud nicely and praised him as much as I could. Speaking is an essential skill for nobles.
When His Majesty praised him with me, Count Marsh was elated. He told me that he was proud of his great role in managing the Blessing of the Saintess. Perhaps he was jealous of the Rattle family, who continued to monopolize the management of the Blessing of the Saintess despite having the same rank as him. The other men who seemed to be cooperating with him had no such attachment, and I got the impression that they just wanted a part of the sweet juice.

“Rosarin, I’m against it.”

Milfi’s expression was cold. I can tell just by looking at her that she was looking down on Count Marsh and the others as if they were insects. She’s so cool! While thinking such, I made a surprised expression.


“I’ve looked into it.”

Milfi said and sighed gracefully.

“You say that you manage the Blessing of the Saintess, but… it seems that the Blessing of the Saintess is withering?”

Count Marsh’s face turned pale. It’s true. And that’s also the reason why he tried to make Cidar-kun’s family financially unstable, to take him in. It seemed that the Blessing of the Saintess was unusually difficult to manage and cultivate, which caused my Elder brother to be all excited about it. Our citizens are already capable of growing it properly without my brother’s follow-up, but eventually, we will improve it to make it even easier to grow. For the sake of delicious rice, I’ll also do my best to help.

“Rosarin, we don’t need to be associated with such incompetents who cannot carry out the King’s orders. We will be fine on our own… we have Rupert-sama, who is the possessor of the Green Thumb Revelation. We don’t need these lowly men.”

“Wha!? Blessing of the Saintess is withering because of the Yggdrasil dormancy! I am a Count! Not a lowly man!”

“Your squeaking is unsightly. Please, a lowly noble like yourself have no place to talk about status to a Duke’s daughter like me. Moreover, you say it’s Yggdrasil’s fault? Fufu…”

“What is funny!”

“Poor growth and withering of plants were indeed caused by Yggdrasil’s dormancy. However, if the Blessing of the Saintess is still dying even now after Rosarin awakened Yggdrasil once again, it’s because of you.”


“Rosarin, we don’t need incompetent people like him.”

“Milfilia, you are out of line. It’s true that our Blessing of the Saintess is properly grown by people with no Green Thumb Revelation, but there must other factors such as the food shortage, I’m sure!”

Secret technique! Protecting someone but actually kicking them further down the hole technique!!

“Sheesh… you are too kindhearted, Rosarin. I can’t believe you are still showing mercy to such an incompetent person.”

Hohoho, Milfi laughed elegantly and arrogantly.

The Wolfanean aristocrats, who were watching from afar, gossiped in low voices. “Come to think of it, the Rattle family was the original custodian of the Blessing of the Saintess.” I could hear them saying that the Rattle family must be in charge or it’s not going to work out. Perhaps stimulated by his complex, Count Marsh raised his voice.

“There’s a limit to your contempt! This is a joke! Your Majesty, I will excuse myself!”

Count Marsh’s face turned red and he angrily left. I guess the first stage has been cleared, huh? Mm… The prouder they feel, the harder they fall is the basics, no?

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